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The Korean Masters Women's Singles Champion has won Lei Xu ranking on top25

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December 03, 2018 01:22 Source: Chongqing Morning News Participate in interaction

The Korean Masters Women's Singles Champion has won Lei Xu ranking on top25

(Reporter Tang Wei) Yesterday, in the women's singles final of the 2018 badminton masters in Korea, the Hong Kong 19-10 year old Han Yun won the championship at 21:10 and 21:18. Perfect for their 2018 season. This year, Lee Zucca won four championships in eight races, and world ranking increased from 242 to the top 25.

Previously, Li Xuyan and Han Yu met in the semi-finals of India's last stop. Lee Zui defeated Han Yun in the decisive game at 9:21 and saw the opponent in the final and successfully conquered the first crown of the season. This is also Li Zekki's return. The third time of the season was lost in the same door, and the second part of the year has not been stored. However, when he came to the Korean masters, Lee Zhuan successfully removed the players like Mariška, Fidani, and Woo Weiwei. This situation was terrible and in the end, he won the final with Han Yu.

In the first game of the finals, Han Yoo was a bit slow. Li Zucci scored 7 points and scored 11: 4. In just 10 minutes, he won the first game with 21:10. In the second game, Han made 5 points to start from 6: 2, but Lee Zuzen settled down and received 11: 8 leads. After reaching 13:13 on both sides Lee Zuiqi scored 5 points and scored 18:13 goals. Eventually he won 21:18 and won the fourth crown of the season.

At this stage, Li Zui won four championships in eight races in the 2018 season. He won the Championship of Lhangwei Masters, US Open, Canadian Open and Korean Masters. 32 won and lost 6, the world rankings reached 242 and reached the top 25.

However, Lee Ziqui's four championships won both the 300 and 100 this season. Both South Korea and Hong Kong Super 500 races stopped the first round. If you want to enter the Tokyo Olympics for Leo Xuanan, the higher level of the 2019 season will be 500 more difficult challenges.

In the next season, in the top 30 female singles players of the world, Li Xuyan and Han Yi will be seven Chinese athletes. National feathers women singles, which once were once in the garbage, are slowly recovering.

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