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Video: Chen Keion drink alcohol in Lee's birthday late in the night. Clarification is forged.

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2018-12-03 09:43:00
Source: Sina Entertainment


Sinha Entertainment News Recently, Chen Qi participated in a talk show, reacting late in the night to the news of the drunken and purchasing a few fresh meat. In the program, Li Zi talked about the news of "Huo Jianhua's elder marriage, Chen Kia bought liquor late at night". Chen Keiain replied that "this is bogus" and that drinking is really bad. This scene reminds everyone to drink and never drive.

Later, she continued to clarify the invasion of a small fresh meat: "The ridicule is fake, fabricated and completely corrupt." He also said that when he saw the news he was overwhelmed, and he was a small meat mother. It is understood that Chen Kia had previously cooperated with small fresh meat. Later, there was an aggression between two people, which once attracted attention. Thereafter, Chen Keiain Studios also presented timely confession.

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