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Original Title: Yang Mi Shao Laing Targeted People Who are You Who is the Best Translator?

"You and My Moorish" Shloh Liang, Jin Hao

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The new film "You and My Maurice" Shlok Liang's new face Jin Hawk shines many spectators, and the interaction between the soft, bold, cute and cute Li Sheehing is hot. Recently São Leyng and other actors signed several actress studios in view of the audience. Check whether the remote eye is caught outside the new power.

Shaw Liang's Roll Transformation "Light Experience" male character did not recognize

After the introduction of Oriental TV, TVV, which includes Shao Liang and Jin Hao, The series "You and My Failure" performed well. The fashion designer Lin Shiao (Shao Liawing) and the company's Li Zhicheng (Jin Hao Jewelry) company introduces a fighter. The subsequent work gets to know each other and creates a national brand and harvesting happiness. story.

In his interpretation, Shah Leong leaves the "small and beautiful" role model in the past and has a free and capable – short hair style, sweet smile, "the people are not defended", and the pure "young lady" evolves the evolution of "big woman". Shoa Liyat's actuarial networks are relatively substantial in their classmates and have their own traffic, and the former male participants are famous actors, and many wonder why the new play has changed into unknown gold.

Kim Min Jong was a signature artist of São Liang studio, who once starred in "Good Man in China", and then got a chance to play the villain No 1 in Tang's film "The Splendent Wome". In Chan Chan's life history, he got his attention, but only a close partner. Therefore, many doubt his film, "You and my silence". In this regard, the original author of folk din Mo said that all new people should be encouraged: "He is very dedicated, we have to be at this stage and we need a new blood."

Kim's performance in the show attracted much attention after the show began. This character is masculine and masculine. Emotional dramas are pure and clean. The distinction between Li Zhicheng and Lin Shing is distinct, which consistently presents a set of high-profile interactions highlighting the audience.

"We're worried about the first lady, she's afraid of pulling my legs, but it's easy for me to communicate outside the event, I'm afraid," he said, adding that he wanted to be an actor. The new meat label is not suitable for my face.

What is the possibility of newcomer Xiaozhou?

Floretes who were born in 1985 are facing a new set of actors. In addition to starting with the conversion of some famous florists founded by studios to encourage new models. In addition to the flower of Shao Liang for the Jin Hao, Yang Mi, and Tong Wai, this has done some of the achievements.

"Three generations of the book on book" The Libre, Gao Weigung

Yang Mi helps the hot shot of The Labey "Three Life III Pillow Book"

When he graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy, Liaiba did not have Yang Mi's hands. Dia Liba's transcript is very good, and has already done films like "Sansheng Sanshi Shili Peach Blossom", "Beautiful Li Huizhen" and "Fire Eye Song" and has recently gained a subject at the Golden Eagle Festival. "Sansheng Sanshi Pillow Book" starring starring, the same studio artist Gao Weiguang is CP, continues "love three lives." In addition, she is the founder and advisor of a variety of "Creation 101" seasons. It's very hot.

"Ya Tian Too Lo" Chen Yuki

New edition of Shanghai Quinn's "Eternal Earth Dragon and Dragon Slayer"

Tang Hao's debutist, Chen Qiqqi, is known as "Jingsiayang" and "Time Nose". Participated in theater. The hit drama "Sweet Honey, Shen Shenuru" starred in the female lead role.

In the new version of "Enter the Dragon and Dragon Slider", a new version of Shawmemi is played. She wants to act in the 90's. She should allow a new audiences to show marvels. The Tang Hao once revealed that Chen was signed in Qiqi, when I first met Chen Qiqui, I felt like I was like a person, I know that I was the same, I spoke about the set. Her indifference motivated me, and she decided to sign her. "

Yang Ying signed a 18-year-old mixed race model Li Xiao Xing for "baby 2.0".

All the new actors signed by these popular acting studios have begun new creations, all of them expressing a performance. It is a good thing to have enough tours in the need for new forces that are urgent. Give more attention.

The new people should not "make small seedlings" to encourage, acting on the action of the action bass work, they should not be compelled to play for new people, or that will only lead to resentment. The newcomers must be very inexhaustible, carefully focused and emphasizing emotions, and your own world can slowly slow down from a small part.Go back to Soho and see more

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