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Zhao Zingchi, "The King of the New King", celebrates the first year of the year – Ziannian Net

Original title: Zhou Zingchi, "King of New Comedy", New Year's Eve

On November 26th, the fan-maid map was turned on in Vibo and Post Bar. On the picture, Zhou Zingchi, who had not seen it for a long time, laughed at the bow. The above seven characters: "Zhao Xingchi's new work!" Earlier, Zhao Zingchi had a new movie. The news came out, and some people took pictures of the scene, but they did not get any official confirmation. The reason for this is that this picture produces numerous curiosity and numerous netizens have guessed that this is a movie: "Is it a mermaid 2" or a legendary "D-Plan"? "

Until yesterday, Truth has been officially unveiled – Officially a pilot poster was announced by the official microblogging of "The Comedy of New Comedy": This film is scheduled for the celebration of the New Year of 2019. Twenty years ago, "the King of Comedy" impressed countless people, appeared in a new trend after 20 years, and would bring new rounds of laughter and move towards the audience in the spring festival next year.

Yesterday, the microblog of the film "The Comedy of New Comedy" released an interesting hand painting guide poster: Poster poster is the "only me alone" posture, surrounded by white pigeons and leaves, "Zhao Zingchi works" five characters Very attractive. It is not a common prop of folding stool, the number one "strongest weapon" in Stephen Chaw's movie. In the beginning of 1996, "God of Food" has been certified: "The secret of folding stool is that it can be hidden in your house, on your fingers, you can still sit and hide, it is the first of seven weapons!"

In recent years, Stephen Chow has shot a number of blockbusters' special effects, and many have lost mastery of their initial unauthorized pure comedy elements and small-comedic comedies. For people familiar with Stephen Chaw's movie, these folding stool "Rebuilding rivers and lakes" and "King of comedy" appear again, which means that Stephen is a complete return of tea elements, so many Netizens are watching posters. For the first time I could not help but realize: the familiar star singer was breathing! "" Stephen Chow is finally! "

It is locked in the "New Comedy King" released on the New Year of 2019 and how is it different from the "King of Comedy" who influenced countless people 20 years ago? The issue is the word "new". In 20 years, to start with the new surprises of the film, Stephen Chave started writing the script three years ago and searched everything for the right actor until everything was ready, and then he started opening this heart. New movie Because every detail is clearly considered, it will be able to successfully complete before the December arrival.

"King of New Comedy", which started 20 years later, is self-challenging or a new belief? More answers will be drawn later. Which 203

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