Monday , June 5 2023

& # 39; Red Dance & # 39; Get away at night: social leader and metallic metalla [FOTOS+18]


The list of social leaders that have been killed continues. This time, 43-year-old Heta Fabio Almaria, Meta's Department, JAC president in Getsemani district of the municipality of La Macerña, was killed in recent hours. .

The body of Hector Fabio was found in La Somba in Eckruz de los Negriţros. Many guns have been found in various parts of his body. His neck, chest and neck were filled with blood because of its dynamic forces.

Hector Fabio AlbaryThe social leader killed.

His blood was scattered around the grazing grazing and made a shocking and deadly offense. It's another incident. Potras del Cubardon is recorded in the village. There, 46-year-old Heiler Garzon was hit by unidentified men at home and several shots in various parts of the body.

The bodies were received from the bodies of San Rafael Hospital in Morgue, San Vicente del Cugan municipality. The Sustainable Development Corporation of Lucknow Mortgage in Special Management Area, Kamer Senena, expressed its deep sighing and denied any acts of violence that ended this socialist's life. Protect natural resources.

Heiler Garzon, was killed.

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