Monday , September 26 2022

5% surcharge agreed for the financial sector


It will raise $ 14 trillion dollars to $ 13.7 trillion by the contract obtained by Drafter Financing Bill, for which the government says the budget of 2019 has been reduced.

After meeting between the sub-committees of the meetings and the finance ministry on Monday, the innovation is that the 5% surcharge will be charged in the financial sector, which is expected to collect around $ 700 billion.

Thus, when corporate institutions have 33% tax on income beginning in 2019, the rate for the financial system will be 38%. And when corporate income was reduced to 30% in 2022, the financiers would have to pay 35% tax.

Likewise, multi-phase vets are progressive for beer and soft drinks, which will raise $ 960 billion; Income tax will mean 1.9 trillion dollars for natural persons; 1.5% of the $ 1.5 billion liquid assets will go up to $ 1.2 billion.

Likewise, a tax of 7.5% and tax of 7.5% will raise $ 821,000 million for a dividend of $ 10.3 million for profit transfer abroad; Diane's standardization will have a $ 1 trillion collection; Discounts for up to 90% of the VAT will raise $ 6 billion and the imports of 2% of the house for more than $ 918 million will be 1.1 billion dollars.

The idea of ​​the executive is to file a paper on Tuesday so that the first talk of the so-called tax reform project starts in the joint economic commission on Wednesday and voting starts for the first time this time for the first time. December 16, when the general sessions of the Republican Congress are over.

The Finance Ministry, in addition, is warning that unless the final report is prepared, they will not disclose details except for each issue specified.

Meanwhile, it is likely that on Tuesday, the paper will lose about $ 300 billion to lose the paper to reach the $ 14 billion fiscal gauge calculated by the government. In this sense, it is believed that they can eliminate profits from companies.

In the presentation, yes, as agreed, the controversial expansion of the 80% VAT of the family basket is not going on.

Ultimately, there was another issue in the paper so far, the VAT for High-Income Colombians was estimated to be VAT. And pension was paid in the previous tax reform.

Although there is already agreement on the text, it is also possible that the room for the changes is still there.

The Conservative Party's Cordovan Senator, David Bergough, proposes the proposal to apply for surcharge on a 5-point hire for the financial sector, in this context, "In this context, the increase in the sector has increased fourfold. The GDP will have to contribute more to the state."

This Parliament has added to this Parliament: "We have received support from various political sectors to levy surcharge on financial sector rentals. In other countries of the world, this model has been implemented to support other sectors of the economy, such as education. And it has contributed to the state that has benefited from the economic policy over the years. "

And Berguel concluded that the executive showed its "democratic spirit" by accepting different approaches: "The national government has shown its democratic sentiment by listening to proposals from different regions of the country, so that the middle class and the most vulnerable people are not affected. We support the efforts of President Ivan Duke. "

For Senator of the Democratic Center of Cartagena, Fernando Arizona, for his part, "The Finance Ministry's rigorous, active and technical work, the government and the speakers of all parties allowed us to move forward in a big consensus for the $ 14 billion billions of billions of people missing from the 2019 budget, Without influencing the middle class, promoting investment, competitiveness and formal employment and quality roles It is essential to cover social investment due to the possibility of building a junk. In Colombia. "

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