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According to commission agents, group avalars can increase the stock by 102%

Analysts rely on the banking sector's recovery

Andres Vanagas Lois – [email protected]

At the end of the week, in the financial sector "Acrobanceria, the President of Santiago Castro gives news to stop calling" an economic panic campaign "in which investors are invited to sell. Some financial groups have shares, which are predicted in the stock market crash.

The official's call comes at a time when the issues related to the avalable case involving companies of the Avalap group (the country's largest banking group) have hit their shares in the stock market.

However, the actions of LR group groups and other analysts of financial analysts took into account the prediction of species, which found that there is no negative expectation against any of these works, unlike reputable sounds, sector banks are expected to have good air in 2019 .

In summary, shares of group aval companies are seen as species whose analysts have given the best weight in their target value; That is because the choice of major Corfofolumbia affected by scams can increase its current value by 102%, while the normal share can recover 91.2%; It's a good projection.

Equity analysts of Alexandra Kelly, Valoras y Valores, commented that "it is quite true that the issue of the market aval group has created an issue of economic panic", however, she suggested that better results were found. Financial and those companies believe in their strong fundamentals, so this and both of them in the banking sector are seen as "a great opportunity in middle terms."

When asked if there may be an infection in the sector due to this fall from the group's actions, the director of Ultrasfinco's equity, Carlos Rodriguez, said, "There are always rumors and gossip in the market, but the reality is that banks today have their coverage and their capitalization Levels are in very good condition. "

Analyst added that in a special case of group insurance, fundamentals have been found to be stronger than noise, which notes that "the issue of Ruta del Sol is more than two years in Columbia and what has been seen in the results of companies is the key to the fact that the fundamental issues exist based on the media risk. "

Umar Suarez, equity manager of Casa de Bolsa, said that 2018 was a year of recession in the portfolio, "a situation which weakens the quality and raises costs in the provisions affecting the net profits of the RO and banks", however, the expert predicts that by 2019 These factors are expected to see improvement signs.

Definitely, in the last monthly report announced by the Financial Superintendent, it was shown that banks are recovering, and out of this 10 out of 10 companies increased their profits in comparison to 2017.

"We recommend banking sector for the next year, which is supported by the rapid growth of the portfolio that can reach up to 8%, and due to past, the portfolio can be reduced because most of the big customers such as ElectricBabs will exit, improve utilities", Rudridge Confirmation .

On the other hand, Kelly says that "Negative recommendation has certainly not been done despite the noise, because it is reputable and not in its fundamental principles, which is strong."

Aval Group, with 93.70%, is the main shareholder and holder of the popular; Banks Evil Villas owns 79.90%; Banks with a holding of 72.30%, D'oakiside; Banks Bogota where it is 68.70%; And Pervinir, where it has 20% participation. Corficolombiana Corporation is a subsidiary of Banco de Bogotá, with a holding of 32.93% stake.

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