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Air Pollution: Serious Health Problems in Colombia – Environment – Life

What are we suffering?

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Together with AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria causes many deaths like dirty air.

Every year, seven million people in the world die from air pollution; It seems that the entire population of Bogota was killed every twelve months because it is not only open to smog generated by industries and transport, but also due to the smog in their home while cooking with biomass and coal fuels. Together with AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria causes many deaths like dirty air.

Make sure you are aware of the problem but not enough to measure the effects. It wakes up one day, opens the window and thick cream spreads in the sky, so thick that it does not let the landscape look at it.. He leaves the house, waits for the bus and for the dark cloud of smoke, the old exhaust comes from the pipe, he goes to you and he covers everything until it causes cough and irritates your eyes. The black monster receives anxiety by eating it, but the potential effect for her health can do the same Pneumonia, asthma and stroke, from lung cancer. This problem in Colombia is more than 8,000 deaths per year And approximately 68 million related symptoms and diseases.

Air quality

The fluid and solid particles you breathe every day are the most complex mix of the shape, shape and structure of organics and inorganic substances.

Abel Carnesas-ET

Air quality

According to the Idea, Bogotá and Madeleine are the worst air quality cities in Colombia.

Essenador Gutierrez-ett

Air quality

Approximately 80 percent of air pollution comes from mobile sources, such as buses, dump trucks and motorcycles.

Essenador Gutierrez-ett

Air quality

The planet is contaminated by nine out of ten people on the planet nine-breath, and children and women are most affected. Al Tintl in Bagota

Abel Carnesas-ET

Air quality

Circnower's view The thickness of black smoke covers the sky.

Abel Carnesas-ET

Air quality

For 2.5 micro particles, the highest concentration is in Carvajal – Savilana and Kennedy monitoring stations.

Abel Carnesas-ET

Comparative Pollution

On the left side you can see the air polluted air at the Avenida de las América with Avenida Seudad de Kali. The images on the right show the same area, but with a clean atmosphere.

Mauricio Moreno and Juan Diego Hatrango / EL Timpo

Air in Madeleine

Air pollution in Antioquia's capital is most evident in the morning hours.

Javan Nico

Air Pollution in Madeleine

Madeleine a day's protest after lifting peak and plate size.

Guillermo Osa / Time

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