Monday , August 15 2022

Consumer confidence even in negative tarision


The expectations of Columbia immigrants against what will happen next year will disappear. The October Consumer Subdivision Index (CCI) has once again become a negative region. %.

The Higher Education and Development Foundation (Federatoro) Index is the second consecutive month. Negative is: -0.7% in September. "This value will decrease by 0.6 percentage points (pps) compared to last month, indicating a 9.3 pps increase in the same month as 2017," published.

For Jose Roberto AkcostaIt is notable how seriously the tax system's network and Sesa's professor, SASA, show how seriously it is to increase the percentage of products of VAT taxes around the household. "This tax reform is already citizens."

However, customer assessment over the condition of their homes shows an increase in the last month. It changed the downtrodden drift taking place in the second quarter of 2018.

According to federalo, Medellin and Bogotá are the only cities where the ICC is adverse: -1% -5.3%, see Radiography.

The September report indicates that in Antioch's capital, consumer confidence is 5.7%.

Cattle, Baran and Bukhara are major cities with 8.3%, 2.9% and 11.3% respectively. In October of 2017, "Think of confidence that all the cities surveyed surveyed improved," has been published.

Negative ONLY in the Socioicomaniac's index index: -6%. This is higher at 13% and 1.6% respectively. Consumer confidence was improved in all social and economic sectors in comparison to the same period in 2017. The highest rate was 18.2 per cent.

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