Monday , August 15 2022

Cyber ​​lunings come on November 19th: 1 million to 800 lakh visitors are calculated on portals


The new version of Cyberlunes will be available on November 19th and midnight. At that time, the thirteenth edition of cyber lines will begin, with 48 hours offers, and hundreds of products and services distributed to the Colombians.

There are more than 100 companies on the electronic show in various categories such as fashion, travel, technology and home.

Calculation of the Colombian Chamber of Electronics commerce, with around 1 million to 800,000 visitors in different portals.

It is estimated that 45 percent increase is more than one million purchases. 580 billion pesos is expected to be sold. This is 35 percent higher than 2017.

"The Colombians prefer to buy more mobile devices, according to former cyber lounge, and 65 percent of cell phone calls were made from 33 percent of computers, said event manager Felipe Gonzalez.

In the last edition, Colombia's best-suited categories include fashion (31%), technology (30%) and travel (22%). People buy food, automotive, and beauty products online.

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