Tuesday , August 16 2022

"Democracy has not promised us.": Clodio


Two historic monuments of Los Preciras de Torros Muntas in Spain are a music concert in Colombia. A selection of their best class is shown.

Two Bands, one Chile, and another Spanish reflecting the time of the community in their countries, which are in very different styles in the 1980s.

Los Prismos Chile has sometimes raised the voice against Pinochet's totalitarianism; Burphators were killed by intervention in politics. The cry for freedom in the first years of democracy in Spain.

The two groups joined forces to build a new tour in Colombia. These programs will end in Bogotá and Kukutu on this weekend.

In the absence of their vocalist George Gonzalez's presence in the midst of serious health problems and the other two members, the prisoners initially saw how the songs they created in the mid-80s. In countries with democracy in 2018.

In recent weeks, the student groups in Columbia, & # 39; abandoned dance & # 39 ;, the Chilean theme protest in Chile, and the poor education system in Colombia

Have not you missed the presentation of the imprisoned eighty prisoners?

Clio: & # 39; Dancing of the Parents & # 39; Is still true today. It would have liked. Instead of spending so much money on planners and weapons, it will have to spend more on education, culture and health.

In Chile, the retirement is a joke, and there is a rich difference between the poor and the retired. It is sad to think that after 30 years of the introduction of these songs, sad experiences of that era are still today.

Does Chile change from the arrival of democracy?

MIGWEL TAPIA: In Chile, there is a lot of disappointment from authoritarianism to democracy. There was a big difference between us who lived through that conversion. But disappointed with the thinking that the changes would be substantial. In fact, the constitution that was created in a dictatorship did not change a single gate.

The circulatory power of power, not the political tendency, the people represent, it has no interest.

CLOUDIO NARASA: Democracy is not a promise they gave us. Rules themselves take place, and if they go to jail without paying money, and if they steal like a television, they will be punished. In democracy, no one believes.

We were behind pinosaurs. We believe in democracy because they sold us as an issue. Because the rulers came right and right.

Does the new generation get their music?

MIGWEL TAPIA: We are usually fans at the consultants, and the young people who find our songs, when we made this song, many of them were not born.

Unfortunately, all of these songs are still unlikely, so the viewer is rebuilding, it's amazing for us, we feel lucky to be.

How do you see the world of music today?

Claudio Naresa: No one taught us from the fellowship of friends who started to play, but by the study of our own, another time that Ultras created music with more musician musicians. However, we are still there, where the latest music is found.

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