Sunday , August 7 2022

Enjoy the rains of Leonidas on these Fridays


The sky will take off this weekend: the night of the Leonid meteor shower.

It may be a good time to commend them on Saturday and Sunday, especially in the early morning weather conditions.

There will be some luna, so some meteorites will go unnoticed.

How many will be? It is not easy to determine. Leonidades are amazed at bigger explosions, but now they are expected from 15 to 10 hours.

Like almost every meteor impact, it is related to a comet, tempel-ticket.

When the sun passes through a comet's path near the sun, it encounters the output, small cereals, high into the upper atmosphere.

This is good in the dark place to see them. Because of the presence of the moon, you can wait until it is hidden, so the hours before sunrise will be fine.

This name came from the lion, a lion, and it seems that it came from there. Nevertheless, it does not need to consider or look at the stars.

It is best to stay in a comfortable place and have good views of the sky. Some meteorites related to other rainstorms are a bit more active at this time.

For every 33 years, when the orbit of the Sun completes its orbit, Tempel-Tuttle comets complete each and every time the inner solar system.

In the 19th century, the observers expected the observed rainfall to be 33 years. In 1833 stories tell Leonid superstorm: 100,000 hours.

Between 1866 and 67 there was another rain. But this did not happen in 1899.

In 1966 another large storm was recorded and 40 to 50 hours per second, more than 2,400 hours per hour. According to a show in North America and Hawaii in 2001, thousands of dollars per hour had good rain.

Although one of these characteristics is not predicted at this time, it is 10, 15, or more, over the brightest night. So have fun.

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