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Enter Liga MX Minute due to Damage – Reform – 11/12/2018


Liga MX 270 minutes after retiring from Roberto Meraz, who retired from the Olympic football tournament.

Although the Bomomer League does not suggest extraordinary cases like the Competition Regulations Merahs, it justifies how a player plays as a player in a statement. Thursday is 180 today.

Each lost day (14, 15, 16) will be added 90 minutes longer than the injection of the biomass. He added that Carlos Vargas and Diego Lignace would be added.

"On October 27, 2018, the date of the scheduled departure of the United States to play the games, compulsorily forced to expel him from the predominant sub-call of the 20th Cornell, and the player's Monarchy Morelia will not have the opportunity to play due to the injury's intensity and the required recovery time.

"Won the tournament in 2018, apperrrura meanarkkas meareliya the club's player of the player is 307 minutes, which is more than 50 minutes, if the agreement referred to in Article 27 of the top, reabarttiyea Mercia vilikkumennatinal national team player and be able to play again for the club to play Players as meanarkkas meareliyaye Ayilla. He said, therefore, to continue the game.

In this way, the Liga MX Moncarcas a hundred minutes, Salvador rais 244 minutes (66 on the Liga MX, the Central American Games 180), from 577 to Merras (307 for the league and 270 at 270) and Louis Malagon Central American Games.

However, if you have not played for at least 50 minutes last day, Malaga has added to go to national teams and bad days, as the regulations have been established.

This way, Monarcas will be 8.2 minutes. Liga MX orders are 765 minutes. If the Meras minutes are not counted, it should be 553 minutes.

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