Wednesday , August 4 2021

Facebook is subject to criticism; The United States needs solutions

What will happen now? After the explosive investigation by The New York Times about Facebook's response to Russian intervention on its platform, it is a fundamental question.

The results of the investigation have strongly criticized the company in all areas, and Facebook is eligible to respond. However, the people who have to give solutions to Jukebourg's company are American.

According to The New York Times, Facebook's officials did not try to reduce the extent of using their platform to manipulate American voters, but campaigned to defame critics and draw attention to others. Companies

To force George Soros to compromise conspiracy theories, it was very frightening to hire Public Relation Company Definers through Facebook, and emphasized the group of Jewish civil rights in keeping with some rhetoric. Anti-Semitic

These tricks helped to polarize the United States. (Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that he and Operations Director Sheryl Sandberg have not heard about recruitment of company defensors).

This fact emphasizes the need for Congress to continue pushing the company, even then, when Facebook takes its own steps to monitor its platform and informs users about this issue.

Facebook has announced that it will start removing the "sensory and provocative content" reaching the boundaries of its rules and that it will continue to publish transparency reports on its accounts which remove it.

Efforts are worth, but the company is sure the company keeps its promises and continues to push Facebook to interfere when they do not.

Some areas of intervention are clear: the law of honest advertising, currently suspended in the Senate, will prevent advertisers from hiding their identity from users.

A strong federal privacy law will protect consumers' data against violations such as Cambridge Analytica, such as invasion.

There is a danger of evaluating what citizens can say and evaluate what the government can say.

It is at risk.

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