Tuesday , June 22 2021

Francisco Najara is the new sports director of NASIS

In the last two seasons of La Ecuadad, Bogota announced his retirement on Monday and announced a five-year relationship with the team.

In 2001 he worked as a professional professional at Santa Fe.National athletic

On Monday, after the announcement of retirement from the courts, Francisco Nazarea was appointed as the new Atletic Director at Naziona. From 2012 to 2017 he played in the club. The 35-year-old Bogota, who was part of La Ecuador's payday, was inaugurating the insurance team and the Eagle League was in the quarterfinals.

"He has won 12 fields and is now coming to Green Sports Management, Welcome, Pachu!", Through the social networks of the country's best champion team. The Antiovian group said that Najeera is preparing for this position and that he has completed his studies in business administration this year and is optimistic for the new project he wants to raise.

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The franchisee has included 41 contests of the regional tournament. Now, the former national defender will field off in an area like another national gear, once he must guarantee the tradition he defended in the grass.

The clubs that belong to the Nazaar are:

Santa Fe 2001-2006

Queretaro (Mexico) 2006-2007

Santa Fe 2007-2009

Spanish Union (Chile) 2009-2010

Hide out (paraguay) 2011-2012

National 2012-2017

Equity 2017-2018

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