Saturday , February 4 2023

Government announces gasoline price adjustment


From The next will begin to rule July 1 A new change of 150 additional pesos in gasoline and diesel prices.

So far this year, compared to the first seven months of 2018, gasoline and diesel represent $ 217 per gallon and less than 64 dollars a year.

"Between January and July 2018, when there was an increase of $ 386 per gallon per gallon of gasoline and $ 358 per gallon diesel, the increase during the 2019 period increased by $ 169 per gallon and $ 294 per diesel was increased," the Ministry of Mines and Energy said. Reported.

He added that "the change in fuel prices in July is due to international international oil prices and depreciation in exchange rates. In 2019, Brent's number was 58 US Dollar / Bridge, which was 62 US Dollars / Brian, while the exchange rate increased by an average of $ 3,200 $ 3,260 increase.

During the same period of 2018, Brent's 55 US dollars / E.R. The fluctuation was US $ 58 / br, while the exchange rate jumped from $ 3,000 to $ 3,200.

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