Tuesday , June 22 2021

Here's the third edition of the CLIC movement

Here's the third edition of the CLIC movement
CLIC movement

The CLIC celebrates its third edition in Bogotá, which connects with their assistants for creative minds from various fields. This year, two days will be allocated to talk about creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

According to Rodolfo Velásquez, its co-founder, CLIC, is a special occasion, and participants are an unusual opportunity to "break heads". Because the gurus are not partners, but help the changing people of the world.

This Congress is a rebellion for young people. By studying, discussing, sharing, building, destroying, understanding, destroying everything, we will be motivated by real inspiration. The ways in which you think and think of life are changing, "Velasquez says.

This event will be included in the strategic support of Bogota Public Television Media's Canal Capital in 2018. Two children can be viewed by visitors from journalists Mizo Sabato, stencil artist Nasab, and Argentina. In Spain, Nacho Vidal, porn star, businessman; Mexico, Luuga and Las Dogs, a Prevention Program; Peru, Elliot Tupac, artist and muralist, for Chilean Philip Cousiño, founder of upsocl.com.

In addition, Columbia will be awarded with Hutsu CEO and creator Julian O'quendo. Frankfurt Sanball, Mullenlow SL3 CEO; Partner great teacher Luis Miguel Bermudas; David Rodriguez, Founder and Founder of MDA Lath University; Philip Sigenthaler, the co-founder of Esther picnic; Jose Pablo Arano, Marca Pyce Columbia Manager and several other speakers.

"This year there will be an emotion similar to the first and second versions, but new designs will be presented, and those who love creativity can make a re-charge and a unique version," Randofo Velasquez highlighted.

The CLIC Movement is an experimental site. It also helps the learners and learners to become part of a unique experience. Participants not only participate in conferences that attract their attention, but also talk and talk with people from different sectors to exchange knowledge.

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