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Hijra's stability determines the load test | Local


The load test will only be clear whether the HP bridge will work or not.

Special engineer Alexis Vega Arguello said in Structures and Professor at Industrial University in Sanders, UIA. Pointed out that we can not issue an idea without proper evidence.

"Cable-stade bridges have these interventions, but should be defined if they are within the expected range.

At one glance, it is very attractive to distinguish bridge side, it can not be determined using a photo, but designer is the first to release ideas, "Vega Argüello explained.

Open queries

The problem is that this is a sustainable and most efficient process that is one of South America's biggest bridges. The Attorney General's office was opened following a complaint lodged by Chamber of Commerce's president Juan Camio Beltran Domingues. An inquiry against exterior fund Carmen Elena Arevalo Corriya and Ivan Fernando Mustafa Durran had a total of 285 contracts in 2013. This work is supervised by Orlando Santiago Kali, Advisor III Grade 10 Transport Sector Background 2014 01111 Supervisor Juan Carlos Gomes Ibannes; German Grijalas Quintore, Infiwes Supervisor, Louis Erardo Quintoreo Gullar, 285 Counter Auditor in 2013.

The regulator asked the regulation of a copy of the contracts, supervision report, job log, contract management, and studies to declare a contractor's violation.

As part of this, the Republic's Controller General's Office, after conducting a check on Hisusa, the Adaptation Fund "Contract Fund", typically at 4 pm, usually in the afternoon. "

"The CGR will be able to provide more detailed reports over the next hour, to restore adaptation to a particular performance, to decide on the nature of the contract, its evolution and its development and lighting, load test and other issues," the Financial Control Authority said.

Arbitration Court

According to Fondo Adaptación, an Arbitration Tribunal is now under development contract agreement. As the contract post is in the contract phase, the Fund Auditor has to submit a final report, analyze it and decide whether the Bridge has been validated with Invis.

"If the receipt is not appropriate for satisfaction, administrative measures will be taken to establish a public contract and to deal with the contractor and financial regulators, and to compensate the compensation for the compensation," explained the institution.

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