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How did you find a graphic crater named scientific – life?

An island researcher found evidence of a steel asteroid 12,000 years ago.This crater is about 800 meters thick from the impact of a 30 km wide collision.

It was developed by an ultra wide band band radar system developed by the Center for Remote Detection of Ice Platform (CReSIS) in Ice Platforms based in the United States Kansas University (KU). The peculiarities of the crater explain an article in scientific science as a result of the glaciation of the distant glaciation of Greenland.

It was discovered using data collected between 1997 and 2014 for the NASA program and the ISBridge operation for the NASA program. It was discovered using the multi-chain product radar collected in May 2016, along with more information collected. In depth (MCoRDS), the KU has developed.

"We have collected the collection of radar survey data over the past two decades, and explained how the glaziologists have collected this information under Greenland's Eyes," said John Paden, associate professor of electrical engineering and science. Calculations in QU (CU) and Associate Scientist (CReSIS).

"Danny's researchers looked at the map of this depressive depression, like a crutch, seeing the bottom of the iceberg and observing satellite images, Since the hull is at the edge of the iceberg, you can see a circular shape. Based on this discovery, Radar studied the study of a new Riyadh study by KUV for Alfred Wenger's Institute in Germany in May 2016.

Paden, who helped develop MCoRDS radar signal processing software, flew into lower levels in a grid pattern using collision fever.

"You can see a circular structure at the edge of the iceberg, especially if you're flying high," he says. Most of the craters are not visible through the window of the crater. You can also see the entire crater of rattles using satellite images taken from the lower angle of the sun to paint hills and valleys on the slopes of the iceberg. "

To ensure the satellite and radar findings, the research team carried out further studies in the glacial fluid soil of the large river in the crater. The impact of "impact impact and other grains" as glass has been revealed. The research team believes that these rocks and beautiful grains are likely to be caused by the collapse of cereals in the orbit of the orbit.

Determine impact date

The influence of Greenland's asteroid belt continues to be more precise. The FIG There is evidence that the Pleistocene era has been reported to have been severely affected. This age is more appropriate with the appendages of data that is currently available. However, even in this vast array, the "uncertain state" remains. In the southwest of the crater, the group finds a rich area of ​​debris that is excreted from this collision, helping to minimize the limitation period.

"The climate and surroundings of the Ice Strain would have led to an atmosphere in the atmosphere between Canada and Greenland that would affect the flow of the ocean in that region," Paden argues. Evidence suggests the impact of the Greenland ice sheet is formed, but the research team still stays on the exact date. "

According to David Thowar, a geologist, Researchers found that the discovery of the crater in Greenland has different parts of the planet. "Because of the ignorance of the training process, the geologist does not take into consideration these structures, and the effect of asteroids remains in different types of rocks," said the expert. .

"Similarly," he continues, "If you want to study the structures of impacts on certain types of materials, such as the Rite Sensing Data (satellite imagery, sky pictures, geophysics), in this particular situation, the ice."

It points out Scientists who visit the parts of this job and in planetary science need to collect evidence in hand samples, "This is the impact of the rocks with typical building blocks that are impacted, later analyzed in the Laboratory, and the ultimate goal of adding significant evidence on various scale scale: mega, macro, microscopic, years of work and simply unacceptable job."

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