Thursday , July 29 2021

Huawei introduces the Matte 20 series in Costa Rica


Huawei officially launched the Matte 20 and Mate 20 Pro smartphones in Costa Rica, due to the innovations that have been described as two devices of the year.

The Matrix 20 Series smartphones include the Kyrian 980 processor, the second generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI); Optimized with a Triple Leica Camera

The tools have ultra wide angle lens, charging system Supercharge 40W – Up to 70% of battery capacity is capable of charging – and the market is the first wireless reversible charge.

The new Matte series is available on national soil only after one month of global launch in London on October 16th.

"We are very proud to present Huewei Matte 20 and Matte 20 Pro in Costa Rica. With these smartphones we take Artificial Intelligence to a higher level and are once again strengthened as a leading brand globally and nationally. Since November 22, customers will be able to acquire new MET 20 Series in new operators and major device stores in the country., Andrea Corrales, the country's director of the Hovei Terminals for Costa Rica, said.

Customers can buy the Matte 20 family's new smartphones operators with Clovers, Colby and Movistar or Gollo, Moj, Maxpress, Universal, Artelect, White House and City Mall or Huawei Store with a mall or a Rohromosaur.

With the new MET 20 series, Huawei introduced the Ai's second generation, which is due to the New Kirin 980, the world's smallest processor. In just 7 nanometers, it integrates 6.9 billion transistors (1.6 times more than the previous generation) Which allows you to run faster, open faster apps, improve multitasking activities and more fluid user experience.

At the same time, it includes the Neural Networks Processing Unit (NPU) with the dual core, which translates into two brains within a single processor, making the matte 20 family even smarter, Able to provide unprecedented performance with identification capabilities of 4,600 images per minute. This previous processor shows 120% increase in comparison to Kirin 970, and shows the leadership of Chinese technology in the research and development of AI.

In addition, the new processor integrates an eight-core CPU, with four Cortex-A76 and four Cortex-A55. The two large cores have been set to high speed, up to 2.6GHz, while the other two are set at 1.92GHz. Runs on A55 core 1.8GHz. Thanks to this, the Kirin 980 provides ideal resources for heavy, medium and light work, whose ability can never be seen, not only in its display, but also the battery life.

Matt Cameras 1.1 (800x600)

This series revolves into photography and video, including a new Lake Triple Camera, which includes ultra wide-angle lens, w-angle lens and telephoto lens.

Ultra wide-angle lens is responsible for expanding the wide range of photographs and videos where consumers are not used today. From landscapes to interior design, the cameras equipped with Ultra Wide-Angle Leica Lens are also in the possession of all the scenes in smaller locations.

One of the more important advances that this lens allows is that users will be able to see and receive more thanks to the ability for macro photography. The new Matte 20 family's smartphones are the first in the industry that is capable of focusing on the object, which is 2.5 cm. At the distance, the human eye is more than the capacity of the eye.

In Met 20 Pro, telephoto is 8 MP. The difference is that in the case of matte 20, the wide angle and ultra-wide angle are 12 mph and 16 mph respectively; When Wide Angle is 40 MP in Hewlett 20 Pro and Ultra Wide Angle is 20 MP.

Thanks to Ai, by enhancing its image identification capability by smart photography, the new photographic system crosses its last version of the series.

Previously, the matte 10 PROA gained 13 views, but now both 20 and Mat 20 Pro identify 24 situations in real time, including some like blue sky, cycling and cars. Additionally, users can use special filters in their photographs and their videos, which can be applied in real time.

Both models have the ability to record videos in 4k. They have video mode Ai Portrait Color Please, thank you to AI, paint the leader of the video by placing the black and white atmosphere.

By ultra wide-angle lens, Smartphone Matte 20 series videos can record videos with a resolution of 21: 9, the same aspect ratio is used by many cinemas from around the world. Compared to the normal look ratio 16: 9, 21: 9 looks like a very large, professional and film.

For the rebuilding of the video, Huawei improved its graphics processor-GPU with its acronym in English -Mali-G76, in its Mat 20 series, which optimizes 46% of graphic processing power and provides 178 higher energy efficiency than the previous generation.

Mali-G 76 works with innovative techniques to increase speed, which helps to identify workloads and to distribute resources for best performance in processors, which enjoys video experience like cinema.

Met 20 1.1 (800x600)

There are extensive improvements in battery life range. The Mat 20 has a 4000 mAh long battery life, while the Matte Pro 20 is currently one of the largest batteries available on the market, which is 4,200 mAh, runs for two days without download.

Pro version can be charged by 40W supercharging technology, which allows cell phones to reach up to 70% of its battery in 30 minutes, while providing a significant improvement against its predecessor Huaweet Mate 10 Pro, 58% of the battery charge is charged. What he keeps from its predecessor is the international certificate of safe cargo Tuivi Rainland.

"The most important progression in our model Huaweet Mat 20 Pro is the fingerprint sensor inside the screen, which allows faster and more secure unlocking; as well as 3D facial recognition, users are able to safely identify users' faces in just 0.6 seconds," Correlals says.

Fingerprint sensor inside the Hewey Mate 20 Pro screen is located at a comfortable distance from the bottom edge of the large screen of the phone, which makes the unlocking experience faster and safer.

On the other hand, the user can also choose to unlock facial recognition with new technology 3D Face Unlock, After revealing more than 30,000 infrared points on the face, uses the camera's three-dimensional depth sensors to detect complete facial features. In addition to authenticating users, the sensor allows for the effect of beauty in the portrait, to receive more natural and accurate images.

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