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Lead Vs: Measlas Preventing, But Vaccination Should Have Loaded Vs: Measles Prevented Better, But University Of Vaccination Must Have

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The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, District Administrative Department of Health (DAD), Antonio Sagni, Department of Health Secretary Verana Polo; In a vaccination strategy to eradicate measles and ruble in the city, you can not lower your garde, which is why it prompts you to ask the importance of using the vaccine again and again.

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has replaced the vaccination scheme to control the disease. It is permitted to use the vaccine called "zero dose" for children aged six to 11 months. The vaccine should not be used without it. Age

"While we work well, the National Institutes of Health, a Ministry of Health and the Department of District and District is an integral function, and we need the media to encourage the vaccination for all people who are vaccinated and that is something people can see, Minister of Ivan Gonzalez Ortiz said.

According to Dad, there are 67 reasons for measles cases in the city. The number of the argument, Health Officer, said: "We can not always be compared to what will happen to it if one does not compare. We have managed peattippurappetanitayunt, has gone better than we expected, but we were not able to vaccination, it is natappilakkiyillenkil it and fertilizer firm As garavataramayirikkum ".

It is important that if there is a problem, it is not excluded, and that's why a strategy is a model of effectiveness and effect. Pan American Health Organization Advisor (PAHO) came to the city after the attempt to explode the melas with carroten and Bolivar.

"The responsibility to provide free vaccine to protect children, mothers and pitrsthanattuninnumullatan, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health. Therefore, we invite you prior to November 30, kargejena are being vaccinated for all children aged six months to five years old in the city, and this medication is a health hepparrairra On receive, misilsum raballayum to delete PAHO's regional adviser, said the US disayeye Pastor.

This invitation is another opportunity for protecting myaloma virus if a person is ill.

"Vaccines are very high in carbohydrate and 95% are planned by the end of the year, which is very important for preventing viral blood circulation in any part of the city," said the medical epidemiologist.

Uncertainty plan
To achieve the goal of "zero" from the measles in the district, the same month from November 13 to 30, a planning project became active.

As of November 30, we aim to get 12,912 zero. The PAO will help people with more power. We have contacted schools such as Red Cross. "Said DD's director Antonio Zagbini.

Similarly, vaccination teams will be increased by 30 Red Cross people. In addition 110 of the 80 vaccines will be given.

On November 9, it found that 2108 and 6,610 doses were affected. 51.6% of children aged 6 to 11 months old.

To achieve this goal, 6,302 seasons have been lost and 394 daily dosages should be submitted from November 13 to November 30. There are 64 gold and 65 tension vaccinations for the 128 teams.

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