Tuesday , February 7 2023

Medellin's lottery jackpot fell


There is a new millionaire in the city. Lottery Madeleine said on Saturday morning that its jackpot, which is a $ 12,000 million peso, came with a series number 1377, which is sold by the Commercial Network of Games and Services Seepaga.

But this person was not the only one who was taking part in this destiny. The company also reported that it is in possession of two dry $ 10 million pesos, a 7015 with a 197 series in Monteria City, and the other with the number 6540 in the Sannnet category of 239.

In this way, Lotteria Medellin says, June became a million dollars a month, because of Raphael's prizes, two dry $ 400 million worth of two, $ 20 million for two and more than $ 6 million 10 pesos which were already distributed. The last 29 days.

When the enthusiasm of the winners is great, they will not receive the full prize money. This is set out in Section 48 of 2001 Law 643, which states that all the prizes received by lotteries of the country are subject to a deduction of 17% on the common value of the prize, such as tax to the winners, which is the exclusive destination of transportation in the department's health.

The winners must contact Medellin's lottery facilities with no more than 12 months' worth, winning ticket and citizenship certification. If the prize is less than 20 million, then it can be claimed in any distribution agency in the country.

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