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Motor Show hybrids and electric cars


Every two years there will be autorified fair at Corfias. This is not a small thing, because in the latest edition 200,000 people visited and interacted with 28 Pavilion 54 brands. In fact, the most weak automotive category in 2016 finally ended with the edition of the show.

From the most expensive and exotic Mercedes to the AMG in the current edition, all are crossing the Chinese brands. However, we concentrate on this case. One thing or another geek in those cars is amazing in their design, history, or technology.

Of course, this year, it's a tendency to stop growing the electric current because it begins to steal the attention of hybrid people. For instance, in 2018, 328 vehicles were registered in the country. This is an increase of 182.8% compared to last year. Most brands in the population are bringing more commercial and favorable proposals.

Electric and hybrid vehicles are no longer small and practical.

Without a hiatus, we will see some of the current suggestions:

Ford Fusion Hybrid: Ford introduced the new hybrid Columbia market with a 2-liter petrol engine with 1.4 kWh electric motors. A gasoline engine is an electric charge that charges the autorun status of the car, reduces the sound level and improves the overall performance! The sedan family is one of the fun facts, so there is no place to offer. The weight of the battery pack is 48 kilograms, which does not affect the car relative. Petroleum Version.

Rescuing the world certainly must make sacrifices or designs.

PHEV of the Mitsubishi Outline: The Japanese brands here are the best of their engineers to imagine. This hybrid combines three engines: two electric, a gasoline 2 liters. In electric mode mode, hybrid mode (charging electricity charges charge within the car), or in parallel mode (providing two motor vehicles, PHEV technology runs these movers, time and high speeds). Everything can be managed by an app. In order to charge an electronic motor, it will be used up to 80% of the time in less than 30 minutes on a rocket in the world of electronic cars.

It's like a custom vehicle for some people.

Reinhold Treensor: Although this prototype is running for more than two years, all of which appear to have been taken from a distant future. It is 100% electric car. Opening a "Star Wars Fighter" similar to a cabin. It is one of the most aerodynamic cars in history. The 349 horsepower distributes 260 kW engine. According to the brand, the trunge may travel at 100 km / s in 4 seconds. Do we see him on the streets a day?

Just started to open the truncher cabin, the whole bedroom said the watch!

Nissan Leaf Electric: Nissan Carson Cars The second generation of the vehicle is a good battery pack, automatic parking system, autopilette, brake / accelerate, and a pedal (one) of the Boss audio system. The silence you want to protect the world does not mean you should do it). Brand offers to charge 300 minutes and charge up to 80% within 60 minutes (though it requires a special charger).

Besides zero emission, there is a Bose audio system.

BYD e5: BYD keeps it with people, and this brand is not like another electric car in Colombia. Over the years, a fleet of BYD taxis has spread through the streets of Bogotá, which has several electric transmines, recently loaded with alto de lignia from Bogotá to Armenia by 33%. Frankly, if anyone is going to take the lead in this matter within a few years, I assure you that it is BYD. They presented a family cab which claims to get up to 400 km between cargo and cargo in the hall. One of the coolest suggestions we'd expect is from Columbia Street.

Is this the first electric car for the people?

JAC EZ or iev 7s: Great presentation of the Chinese brand EZ is an interlocking crossroads for up to 80% with fast charging system. 300 km, and a maximum speed of 130 km / h. In addition, the entire power storage system in the middle of the vehicle is synchronized, and it stabilizes the smartphone.

Protect this planet with style.

Porsche Cayenne e-Hybrid: In this situation the brand did not feel shame before everyone. There is only one purpose to cooperate with the electric engine petrol engine in Cayenne, which helps to speed up the speed and speed at the start. Obviously, coin electrical skills are important, however, they are not central targets in this luxurious SUV, so here's about speed and performance.

It's fast and farther.

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