Friday , January 27 2023

Nintendo Maker returns with Super Mario Maker 2! –


Here we bring you great news for web followers! With the latest premiere of Super Mario Maker 2, we want to bring one of the most successful sections of the Wii U Nintendo of Nintendo: Nintendo Maker!

Some of you will remember, you are the heroes in this section. You can send us your level IDs Super Mario Maker 2 And so choose to play them in the crate Live on our YouTube channel Every two weeks! We will choose a random level set in each live.

How can you send us your ID? Very easy, you have Two ways (Screenshots are worth):

  • Through the comments of this article
  • With Hashtag #Nntendersmaker via Twitter

We look forward to seeing your creations and conduct them live tests on our YouTube channel. From the Web, we will also pick up some stages which we will share with you as a recommendation of Nintendo staff, which includes layers created by members of the web! This is The first level we share with you, A very challenging and long phase that you hope you like:

Every two weeks, you will have a new distribution where you can continue sending us your ID Section of news. We hope you're happy with the return of Nintendo Maker. We are waiting for your levels!

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