Wednesday , August 4 2021

Progression of organ production for transplants from stem cells

A group Researchers New announcement announcement Study how Get the perfect limb For Transplant By The mechanical generation of tissues From Stem cellsAccording to research published today in the science advances journal,.

According to the work collected by these specialized remedies, a team of the Life and Health Sciences Institute of Kyoto University (Japan) has made important inquiries. How cells behave For Modeling Tissues, Crush them And expand them, what to do It will make the road easier For Mechanical creation No Full limbs

In particular, researchers have focused on the eye generation and how shaped rounded molds are shaped.
"Although our study shows the possibility to control forms Organs & # 39; in vitro & # 39; Created Using mechanical excitement Based on correct and prediction-, The Current techniques are still limited " In the statements collected by Science Advances, the Chief Investigator of the Motusgu Iraqi Project guaranteed it.

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Another author, Suturo Okuda, explained that Up to date They "Uncertain "bases Which leads to everyone Modular Cell A form to finish Make an organ silhouette

This Experts developed a Computer system Forms a simulation that calculates the structure of the structure Three-dimensional fabric, On which they made one Virtual eye Through which they can predict the process Rounded cell formationThis and its basis Applying it to mouse cells, Researchers tortured specific issues of cells that had anticipated effects in tissues-shaped changes based on mechanical prediction.

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