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Pullmunter expects to shut the season 2018 with 124,000 passengers from Atlanta

National – 11/22/18 – 12:30 pm

Panama, ACN-EFE

Panama- Spanish company Pullmantur plans to close its 2018 cruise season with approximately 124,000 passengers, of which 49,000 will be renewed on the Port of Port of Columbus 2000, which are today representatives of the registered shipping company.
The corporate director of Pulmantar Sales, Alexandra Pace explained in detail that, according to estimates, the context of 2017 will increase by 8%, which stood in the stream of 115,000 passengers, in which 38,000 home port of Cologne (Caribbean) in Panama
"We grew up to about 8 percent, however, did not reach as expected, with the aim of launching approximately 59,000 passengers in Panama, but in the economic environment of the southern cone, there has been an impact on the shipping business of the shipping company," executive declared.
He maintained that one of the company's main strategic axis has always been the Atlanta port of the Cologne, where passengers come from Latin America (80%) and the United States and Europe (20%).
He asserted that in 2017 they had passed 77,000 passengers in transit, that is, they went to shopping centers or visited Interstate canal lock, economically, it increased by almost $ 20 million.
Pays said that by the end of 2018 this figure is expected to be approximately 124,000 passengers, in Panama, this number has increased to 49,000 in local shipments due to emblematic efforts in Panamá and Cartagena's D-India.
He said that in the South American region they invest more than 24 million in the South American region so that people are interested in starting the Panama Harbor.
He noted that Monarch – its chief – will dock every Friday next to the colon port, totaling 52 boarding operations.
The company's target is to increase the number of 135,000 people, out of which 83,000 are transferred to the country. In general, he calculated that the economic impact of Pulmontur Crusos activity in Panama will be $ 21 million in 2019, which is 10 percent higher than this season.
According to the CEO of Polymoran Cruces, Richard Vogel, this growth is related to the potential increase in the Caribbean in the coming season, as they "exceptionally every year", without exception.
The leader of the shipping company said, "It is important to note that not only the Panmanian board, but also from other places, especially Latin America."

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