Monday , March 8 2021

Real Madrid Vinelos will not be handed over to South America

The Brazilian U-20 coach Carlos Amade confirmed the club's decision.

Venezuelan Junior U-20 will not take part in the South American Championship to ensure that Real Madrid coach Carlos Amade will not participate in the upcoming tournament between January and February.

"Vineius has told South America that it is not clear that the player's will is very clear, the national team is present, and it's always outdated, I was there, I talked to them and they told me," he explained. However, White has proposed to try to put pressure on white men: "Venezius said to me: 'Professor, I am going to compel you to & # 39;

These matches will be held in Chile on January 17 and February 10. Vincius will prevent him from playing many matches in Linia and Copa del Rey.

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