Thursday , October 6 2022

Samsung reveals a revolution in Intelligence, Lot and Mobile user experience


Samsung Electronics Co., Powerful new development tools have been introduced for its platforms Bixby And SmartThingsAnd mobile experiences A UI, Infinity Flex display. To make life connected, make it easy for developers and partners to create new experiences for the millions of devices around the world, to develop and quickly develop.

"The decisive factor in fulfilling our vision of life has made significant progress in artificial intelligence and the Internet. Bixby And SmartThings Third party products and services will open a new chapter that will be integrated into IA and IOT platforms, "he said. DJ Koh is the president and CEO of Mobile Communications Division.

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"The reverse screen gives us the basis of a new type of mobile experience and we are excited to be working with developers on this new platform to create new value and we want technology and cooperation to take us", he added.

Build an advanced intelligence platform

Bixby It was started as a wise interface, a way to use your voice to communicate with your phone. at this time, Samsung It changes to a scalable intelligence platform for a wide variety of products and services in a customer's life. Inn SDC 2018, Samsung Developing a new way for developers to provide a lot more dialogue, personal and useful intelligent experience to consumers.

To make the services easier for the developers to use the power Bikes and Samsung Gifts Bikesby Developer Studio. Toolkit provides an intuitive way for intellectuals for developers and partners, for further services and options. Developers can easily create Bixby Capsules (resources or services created for Bixby) And make customer access easier Bixby Marketplace.

Offer a lifestyle that is connected to everyone

The vision of the connected life Samsung It focuses on open ecosystems IOT Increases the number of devices connected to a platform. Available in over 200 markets around the world, SmartThings The experience of connecting to a single application takes IOT more than smart home, car and office, now wants a connection more quickly and easily, with the help of redesigning new devices SmartThings Developer Workspace. These include improved tools SmartThings Cloud Connector, Smart Things Device Kit, and SmartThings Hub connector.

Additionally, the SmartThings (WWST)'s Certified Certification Program provides SmartThings experts and resources directly to developers. WWST helps ensure that the devices and services are fully optimized for the platform, so you can enjoy the best possible experience for your customers.

Pioneer user experience and modernization of the screen

Samsung Introducing new and intuitive design The interface is called a UI. The simplest and simplest design retains the most relevant content in the lower half of the screen, making it more handy and more convenient for handmade work. This experience has been redesigned to reduce fraud and pay attention, so the user can focus on the best and fastest on their phone.

The FIG Infinity flex display And with A UI Customers do not allow a common smartphone to give them a new kind of experience. Now both of these are excellent: the compact smartphone, which has revealed a bigger screen screen, can do multiple tasks and view the content.

Because the device is deployed, the experience of the app is the experience of being the biggest one that can be removed from the smallest screen. In addition, users can browse, view, connect, and work multiple jobs without having to speed up the screen three times with the active apps.

the reason Infinity flex display It's the next generation platform, Samsung Developers are invited to join this journey from the beginning. Thank you for working together Google And the developer community Android, Samsung This will increase the likelihood of a newer format to create an optimized Collapsible User Experience.

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