Tuesday , March 2 2021

School corruption allegations in Villa de Leva

Mayer alleged that parents would pay illegal money to parents for school traffic.

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Anti-corruption perceptions & pace of glass & # 39; As the name suggests Villa de Laiva, BoycaThe allegations were related to school transportation collection.

Was against the charges Municipality Mayor, Victor Hugo Furore SánchezBecause it will have to pay 130 million peso for free transportation for school transportation.

One of the statements presented Prosecutor That was part Jose Sierra was the owner of Vildawa"We reject a contract to help schools turn schools into schools, and they have headed for the head of the mother's mother for a strange and dubious thing."

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Another community leader, Dora Castellónos González"My grandson, who taught me in the village that did not get coffee, told me If they pay close to 40 thousand pesos and fill out a form they have not handed over.

Besides, the Kasarconos bus clears control, covers security measures, and employs people, people and mobs. "Children are not alone, they stand up, municipality speaks in any situation."

Mayor, his role, in an interview RCN Radio, Which was declared before the witnesses of the Vedar and denied. "The complaint of the prosecutor's office and the attorney general's office, Mesros Jose Sierra and Dora Castellanose, complained about transportation in school, but I did not charge our parents with that issue."

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One of its arguments is the two agreements signed by the contract Universal Express, A school that was in the beginning of the school start year 206 million 457 to 532 pesos.

However, this will not be the case for school corruption. The municipal corporation has already done this in 12 lanes.

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Section Director of Provisional Offices in Boaica, Javier D'sass VillabonaPlease indicate what happened Former mayor of Sotocia City Municipality, Louis Felipe Higuera"There was a case in Boeka, where the mayor had been allegedly told the exact same line of criminality here."

Similarly, he indicated that the probe would be initiated in this case.

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