Friday , January 27 2023

She criticizes Jesse Uribe's wife


Sandra Barrios is Jessie Uribe's wife, and in the recent release the artist did the criticism, due to her age.

The singer's wife is her inspiration. In an interview with La Red program, he said that at the beginning of the relationship it was very complex She was in the process of separation. The couple has 2 girls and twins Who is your worship?

The singer has published some photos with his ex-wife, but the last one was criticized. He took advantage A day to congratulate him with a nice message from his birthday: "Today I celebrate my birthday for one year of your birthday; God fills you with peace and joy so that your heart's desire will be fulfilled according to his will. Your life continues to be a light example of our children and the hardships to grow. Happy Birthday, Mommy, Thank you so much."

Because Jesse Uribe's wife received criticism for her age, she decided Block comments. Some make sure that She is an old woman for her because she is 9 years old. When your relationship started Jesse was only 19 years old And for His dad was not easy to choose a married woman. Although many people did not agree with that relationship, they were very happy together.

What do you think about the relationship between Jesse Uribe and Sandra Barrios?

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