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Stan Lee's Passion: Among the most famous superheroes launched by Marvel behind 5


In stunning colors and supernatural powers, Stan created great superheroes for Malwel.

When American writer died in Los Angeles at 95 years old, Mavel Comics was transformed into a huge multimedia corporation by revolutionizing the world of lovers with different characters.

BBC World's most popular superheroes are selected.

1. Spider-Man (Spider-Man)

Superpower: The spider man can climb to the walls of the building, which can stay in the same way as the spider. He threw his puppets out of his paws by letting him go from one pitch to another.

Your storyPeter Parker, the orphanage who grew up in New York's uncles at a school visit, accepts a radiation spike by a radioactive spider. From that moment on, the young man gains the abilities of this inner circle,

Stan Lee and Steve Dickco created this character. It appeared in August 1962. SpiderMan is one of the favorite and favorite super heroes of the public. , Video games, and a series of marketing products.

Iron Man (The Iron Man)


SuperpowerWith a high tech cover and special powers, businessman, heritage, scientist and player Tony Starck protect the world from evil.

Your story: Howard Stark, an Anthony Edward "Tony" Starck, inventor and weapon dealer, suffers serious injuries during kidnapping. When man tried to tempt him to build a weapon of mortal destruction, man creates a kind of weapon to save and save his life. Stoke later developed tools and other technologies designed in the Starck industry.

Iron Man created Stan Lee, script writer Larry Leber, Dan Heck, and Jack Kirby. Its resolution took place in March 1963 in Comic ടെലിസ് ఆఫ్ సஸ்பென்ஸ்.

Initially, Stan Lee used the Cold War themes to explore. Especially in technology and the American industry in the struggle against communism. Later this tactic formed into other contemporary issues.

3. Hulk


Superpower: Hulk large, green skin is very musky, extraordinary physical strength.

Your story: Dr. Robert Bruce Banner is a weak scientist. After the gamma rays appeared during an experimental bomb blast, Buller becomes a Hulk when he faces a strong emotional pressure or is in an embarrassing situation. The Hulk is violent and violent, making Barney the life of his nature complicated. The power of Hookk was in the proportion of his brilliance.

Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby created Hook, Hassle Incredible Hulk In May 1962, Lee produced several superheroes, films and television serials from the comics to the star.

4. Thor


Superpower: Together with Aggarian goddess of Magnoli and Magnor. It will help you to spend time between other human traits.

Your storyThe nature of the Norwegian name is inspired by the Norwegian goddess. He was released in August 1962 and is Stan Lee, Larry Leaber, and Jack Kirby.

One of the founding members of Thor He's gorgeous (Daggers), television series, movie, video games, clothes, toys, etc. Every type of Marvel product has been created.

5. Black Panther (Black Panther)


Superpower: The Black Panther has the human abilities to achieve in the era of Wakunda, especially the hearty breed of his country's advocates.

Your story: Black Panther real name is T & # 39; chilla. He is a protector and protector of the African literature nation, Wakenda. Challah has extensive scientific knowledge, undergoes heavy physical training, and the postwar warfare and enters Wakanda's innovative technology to fight his enemies.

The protagonist, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, first appeared in July 1966.

Using his skills and abilities, Black Panther puts his savings, strength and lives in the service of humanity.

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