Wednesday , August 4 2021

Tax reform without VAT on the entire family basket 2018 – Sector – Economy

Within the scope of withdrawal of Executive Council members between the parliamentarians and the government, it was a new package of steps that would give 8.2 billion peso and ignite the affected areas.

Bavaria's vice-president Fernando Jarmillo states that this is a case of brewers, which takes into account multi-phase VAT changes from single-phase.

According to the manager, they knew that it is not a family basket product, but it is mass production mass in Strait 1, 2 and 3. "Our customers are 70% of them in Stratus," he said.

Jermilo explained that, currently, with single-phase VAT, which is used to pay 48% of usage tax; On exit of the plant, 19% VAT was already loaded, while going into a multi-stage plan, they will be charged in other links in the chain: when a distributor sells it and when a buyer buys it.

He warned that "this will increase the VAT of 40 percent and that the affected people will become citizens." In advance, accounts have been estimated that with the measure, the central government will be stored, but the departments will lose resources because they will stop selling the same amount, as a result, the expected government triangles will not be given. Get it with the size.

"According to our calculations, if the size is applied, the beer size will decrease by 10%."

In addition to this option, the final report will expect income from income tax, equity, dividends, VAT surcharges and general taxation and management of taxation tax.
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