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The diseases you need to keep in mind when you go abroad to Columbia's Santa Fe 1070


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Overseas travels, get to know new places, and communicate with different cultures from your own life are one of the initiatives to encourage young and old people. Each country is diversified and unique because it is very important for each visitor to visit any visitor.

Food, Customs, Weather, or Language are some of the elements that will be played when each goal is performed. However, there is a lot to forget about many tourists, the population vaccination review, the need for entry into the country, review and accidental vaccinations.

ComparaOnline provides the following recommendations to avoid diseases traveling abroad:

Yellow fever: The viral disease is distributed through tropical males in wet or wet areas, so it is important for a safe and peaceful journey. Access to the country can be restricted if many countries already have a vaccination card which already has jaundice.

A certificate has to be issued to the gates of Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia and Colombia. Brazil does not need vaccination, but it is recommended to prevent it, because it is a tropical destination of infection. Make sure that the vaccine is made of yellow feathers in Australia, China, the Philippines, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Most places in Africa.

To avoid this situation, vaccine must be performed at least 10 days before proceeding. In Colombia, the vaccine is completely free, so you can access authorized applications for its application. Frequently use of sore drugs or drugs helps to keep these insects away. In addition, activities that take place in the morning and in the evening may help long hairs to prevent their infection.

Yellow without jaundice; Malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue, Sika are some diseases that are caused by cholesterol. "The viruses are highly developed, depending on the climate conditions of each location, so it is important to know the health of each nation before traveling on travel insurance and the symptoms of this virus can be put into a hospital within days, so avoiding huge expenditures is a safeguard of patronage. "Columbia County Manager of the California Convenor of America Neves.

Lung Diseases: Many passengers choose their destination depending on the time of the year. Snowy is an ideal place for adventure sports like snowboarding, summer, summer, summer, summer, kangun, miami, Canada, the United States, France and Switzerland. At any time of the year, climate change is important for climate change.

It is common for some to get a cold in the middle of the trip, however, serious lung diseases, such as serious cough, fatigue, or general healing. We must warn any pain or discomfort during such a journey. Furthermore, a professional medical aid can be used to provide an initial medical kit or with the help of first aid, based on entertainment, depending on tourism.

Gastrointestinal: Food, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Greece and one of the many foreign tourist destinations in the food. Recipes of every place are very different and unique. Therefore, it is good to avoid complications and complexities without gastronomy in other places.

It is important to avoid any bacteria that are toxic or preserved. Check the cooking of the ingredients contained in it and select the restaurant we have included in it. The cleanliness of the place plays an important role in making a good dish.

Life and excessive excess food can ruin a great journey and in moderation can slowly enjoy all the fragrances. There are a number of tourists in the list of tourist tourists recommended. "Without doubt, Neves is confident that it is appropriate to contact the insurer of the first agreement, in which case the tourists need medical assistance, and follow the steps to follow."

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