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The divine world of mathematics still very important is still very important


Where does mathematics come from? This is a question that is discussed in some important mathematical minds.

Some people believe we find some. Some may have realized that they have realized some, and they do not know something.

The jury is very diverse.

But all birds must consider before taking sides: Plato's ideas of the most important person in ancient Greece.

Famous philosopher stands up to date for what scientists think of the origin of mathematics.

Fundamental but different

There was no doubt as to the fact that in ancient Greece we found everything in mathematics.

The picture in the sky

Could they be in a world Getty Images

Pythagoras and his followers were a window into the world of gods.

But above all: Although we are a foundation of the world we live in, they are separated from him.

Trying to understand this obvious paradox is crucial Difficulty of the origin of mathematics.

That was exactly the plato.


Plato answered the answer. Getty Images

In another country

The geometry of geometry followed by mathematical laws attracted philosophy.

To understand what is said, you can use a flat, closed curvature when all points are away from the center.

Better said, a perimeter.

You may have to draw on some occasions, though you have tried to make yourself awesome and work for you, even if it is not perfect.

So you had access to the most accurate computer in the world and you were not perfected.


Very good! But not perfect. Getty Images

There will be adequate approach, physical limits, as well as determining the circumcision, stiffness and imperfection.

According to Plato's estimates, there is no actual intervention in the world and inappropriate circles; A perfect circle lives in a divine world of perfect formsIf you can find a mathematics, the sky is a type only if it is a true believer.

5 objects

The philosopher realized that all objects in the universe could represent 5 known solid objects That Platonic Solids.

Thus, the earth was solidarity. The fire was very hot tetrahedron. The air octahedron was 20 octodon, which was on the side of its triangle.

The last platinum solid, the Dodkahron, also the whole universe.

There is something special about platonic Solid. These are the only substances in the same shapeOnly five of them were there.

No matter how hard you try, you never find another object with these unique mathematical properties.

Tetrahedron, cube (or hectahedron), octahhedron, dodehahron, icocadrone

Complex mixes such as tetrahedron, cube (or hexadecron), octahhedron, dodecdragon, ecocaddron, and mixes are also known as platonic polyhedra and cosmic budis. BBC

Plato believed all these shapes, and simple men who stood in a more complete world than our ability-a place we call Platonic world.

Though many of these ideas seem a bit crazy, many of them believe.

"Platonic mixtures, for me Instead of finding it, it is a great example of finding mathematics"Said Max Tegmar, professor of physics and mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

"When the ancient Greeks discovered, they were able to find their names, 12 dads were called dadda hydrine. But the pure doddhedron was there Find, "says Taggark.

"I have a platonic vision of the fissures, the numbers, the circles and the surroundings," says philosopher Ellenor Knox, philosopher. Everything These are part of this mathematical nature I'm exploring. "

Platonic Solids

All mathematicians know platonic world. So perfect animals live, but not everyone believes in it. Getty Images

But not everyone believes in the platonic world of this mathematical science.

"I reckon Platonic world is at the human head"Says astronomer Hirrutia Peiris," this is a product of our imagination, "he adds.

"People who really believe about this reality, especially if they think and research their days and nights," says Brian Green, professor of mathematics at Columbia University.

"That does not mean it's real", Dex.

Plato would have made disagreements.

He encouraged us to believe in any other world where all mathematics could be found Do not be fooled We have to think about the world around us.

He is only a shadow of what we understand.

After two millennia …

2,000 years ago, shapes of plato figures were considered to be evidence of God's influence, and limited ideas for the senses and the imagination.

Today, Geometry is in the front of science.

The new technologies have allowed us to look to the world rather than our senses. It seems to have been written in Mathematics in natural world.

This is an example of viruses.


A virus with recognized geometric shapes. BBC

Immediately, you will notice its geometric shape: this is one of the Platonic Solids.

Ruthun Twrock, a professor of mathematics at York University, has worked with his colleagues to simulate computer simulation, which is assigned by the mathematician at the center of viruses.

"The virus that we are trying to understand is the way in which the genetic material inside the virus is commonly found," explains Bibine Read.

So they found it The virus uses the power of mathematics in building its outer walls In the fastest and most efficient way.


If you know how viruses are used to make your geometric shapes, you can find a way to stop them. BBC

Redin is trying to find a way to prevent the common cold from spreading Hepatitis B virus.

That's what makes this research interesting.

Revealing mathematics that allows for the virus to shape its mantle leads us to disrupt. There is no virus without external walls. No virus, no infection.

Found or Discovered?

Apart from the range of human minds, the universe knows of mathematics.

Really It is amazing how these patterns will appear. They are in plants, they are in viruses even in viruses.

Every time we explore and exploit the mathematics we're calculating, we add more.

It gives us the idea that there is a natural order that keeps the world around us, not doing anything without finding mathematical mathematics.

But perhaps we are looking for patterns in the wrong places.

If everything is on our head, it may be nice to look for the brain.

next week: Have evidence? In brain It is a discovery of mathematics Human mind?

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