Monday , August 2 2021

The first TV with Ai who listen and understand in Spanish is already available in Mexico

In TV homes and new LG OLED TV series, LG Super UHD TV, LG UHD TV and LG Smart TV, this condition confirms its exceptional image quality, its elegant design, natural thanks to its voice recognition operation and now, the integration of artificial intelligence, Who has a unique concept for Ai Thinqu platform.

Thanks to LG LG TV AI Thinquine's Natural Language Processing (NLP), you can easily voice converting through LG Magic Remote Control, connect video content consoles, or search information with specific information, images and videos.

In order to understand and implement the context of commands, for this TV LG TV AI Think, you have to "Recommend the movie" or "very little sound" methods, it is necessary to give special commands like other televisions.

In addition to the image quality that has its own view of the new quality processor (alpha) – images of OLDD and Super UHD models are now more realistic, LG is integrating electronics as a global leader in the smart TV market.

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LG AI Thynx: Driving Connected Ecosystem

LG's smart solutions are designed to work together, which increase the power of the ecosystem and include all of these devices.

With the addition of artificial intelligence, LG TV AI Thanquevy TV has now become a control center, which can access such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioning systems, smart lights, audio systems and many other devices, connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the TV .

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Image quality and intuitive power

As part of this, the LG 8D8 TV TV's new series W8, C8 and E8 models X Thanque works with the only intelligent processor A9 (Alpha 9), the only television that gives real 120 Hz (HFR) for more clarity. . In addition to the motion of image twitch, in addition, thanks to more than 8 million pixels with independent lighting, LG OLDD TV makes you full colors that make perfect colors.

This new line is exclusive with the LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQue, its panel, Nanosell ™ LG, that provides real and accurate colors from any corner you see.

LG Series Feature 4 or Cinema HDR technology, which makes them the sole TV that runs all HDR formats: Dolby Vision, HDR and Advance HDR, HDG and HDR 10 Pro by Technicolor. The best image quality will be combined with the sound of Dolby Atomos. With Forbes' information, a unique audiovisual experience of your moment in front of TV.

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