Sunday , June 20 2021

The government has received a report on the Hijagura Bridge project in Mandawar

The Finance Ministry explained in a statement, "Technical analysis conducted by the new modeling and auditing of the existing loads and jetties, and the protocol for the load tests."

The sea, which has been asked to invest in 107,000 million pesos, is constructed on the highway between Los Curo and Malaga to overcome the geographical flaws.

There is a balanced situation to pay for the 14,500 million pesosas of that money.

Can we see the cargo check at Puyund Hessagaur in Santander?

The longest in the country is 148.3 m tall and 653 m long. This building is part of its split.

This situation has been revealed by the report of the engineer National Institute of Roads. Some experts point out that the photos show "Strength Beam Disparity".

That is why the structural audit report of the designs of Higgura Vajadas, "If there are any concerns", the need to "solve them" of EADEA.

"The conclusions of these lists will be taken before November 29, and they will send the contractor, so he presents the schedule of the cargo test," the data added.

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In this sense, the Ministry of Finance does not even have a definite date to make the weedicer's loading exam because "depending on obedience to the steps described above".

Last Friday, Edgar Ortiz, managing director of the Adaptation Fund associated with the Colombia Finance Ministry, was responsible for the structural projects of the regional development, "The report says," It allows us to determine if it accepts the bridge.

If it does not find the receipt of "Satisfaction Possibility", it will be implemented for "administrative and legal" proceedings against "contractual and financial controllers," protecting public resources "and" guaranteed compensation "for possible damages.

After this accusation, there are provisions for ensuring the structure of "security and stability", as well as the provision of "trusted, steady, and secure" service "designed services."

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