Saturday , July 2 2022

The Hawaii Mate 20 is presented in Bolivia with the design of the future


Huawei made it Tonight At the start of the new series, Huawei Mate 20, the family of smartphones represents a lot of technical progress in industry, which becomes an enthusiasm for the innovation of such devices in the history of the company.

"These devices are designed with the most complex and powerful processing technology, so they will set a new standard for higher devices by 2018," Huawei Bolivia Marketing Director Luis Daniel Ybarnegaray said.

This series is the most powerful processor developed by Huawei, Kirin 980. It is made up of an advanced 7-inch processor, which offers exceptional performance capabilities, including the Cortex-A76 CPU and the Mali-G76 GPU.

40WW Huawei Super Charging and 15W Wireless Suite Charging Battery's Battery The best battery life of the battery.

The new Matrix camera system includes a new ultra wide angle lens from the leakage. This is a close approach to the newer capacity for macro photography.

In addition, the new hyper optical pattern is complete in the glass back panel, making the light of the shadows shading and creates an iridescent optical effect that attracts eyes.

Matrix camera system gives it the identity It accepts an icon four-point configuration, unique and recognizable visual identity from a distance.

For the devices of the Mate 20 range, EMUI 9, Huawei Exclusive Customization Layer and Android 9 Pie, users can enjoy the entertainment and productivity more quickly and quickly.

Imaginary design

Huawei fullwave screens have high body and high screen in a high proportion of devices in the family. Compact designs and they can be useful for single hands.

There is a model and 20 series that reflect nature's generosity. Specifically, the set of Met 20 Pro is distorted in its eight corners.

The setting of the matrix camera system is four-point design in the Huawei Mate 20 devices pin panel. The three points of the cameras and the sensor that was wrapped with a polished metal frame.

The new hyper-optical pattern process in the glass back panel creates a complex and delicate system that creates an iridescent effect on fingerprint smudges.

This device looks very nice even when it comes to intensive use.

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