Sunday , August 1 2021

The most important game of the 13th day of the League of Spain, between the Teatro di Madrid and Barcelona, ​​international football

A tactical game between Atlétouco de Madrid and Barcelona and very little game, 'null combat' to keep everything in one head. , In which Savilla defeats Valladolid in one day before the possibility of attacking the lead, the Solar effect

When the Metropolitan Wanda is in the League against the Barcelona & # 39; Simon era & # 39; Won the first victory, nine months later, with the spectacular test of Zoroastrian Diego Costa, appeared to make Debel an unexpected savior. Barcelona, ​​who had been moving forward for its second consecutive defeat, and saved one point in the 90th minute, which maintains a temporary leadership.

It was a high-flying duel, but the quality was discreet. With the attitude of Diego Simon, who is a rescuer of all, due to the style that led to the success of Atletico, and returned to that place, it reduces opponents, places on Barcelona, ​​backlash and betting to plant four lines in its field. He overcame the rival, but in the old days of Costa Rica, his team also found that very little gold was found on the pieces.

But uncertain Dumbbell became a savior and showed how unstable football is. Critics and their colleagues' public councils ask for more professionalism, while the game is meant to appear in clear places without specific occasions, and to define with quality, to keep Barcelona away from their level (1-1).

Iber wondered

In Euppura, the & # 39; Solar effect & # 39; Disappeared. Continuing to win four consecutive victories, two leagues, Dutch Real Madrid, all their shortcomings, no spirits or competitive sentiment, Iberie became hungry for success and won the first victory for the first one in history. Spanish football, which crossed all aspects of the game and led it to the fullest.

For Real Madrid, it was the perfect day to recover lost land and fight for title, because the two candidates were facing each other and missed the opportunity with apathy. Players are far from their identities, except what Curtos did to save what he did and Benazema showed the pride, did not show an attitude that wants a game in the upper class.

Ebay suppressed, eliminated its competition and hit it. After hitting a nice shot through Kick Gardia wood, Escalante opened the scoreboard in a quarter-hour.

Real Madrid's reaction is no news, when you had to wait in another act, it collapsed. Sergie Enrique and Kike defeated 3-0.

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