Saturday , June 19 2021

The train drivers end on November 23

Representatives from various trucker groups in the country have also been announced They will have their vehicles from next Friday to November 23, Registration vehicles under the age of 13 are unquestionably competitively after ensuring that there is no national political system to comply with the rules of goods and freight etc.

Director of the Cargo Transformers Association, Felip Munos Monroe said. The worst moment to stop transmaters, After learning that the government must compel them to implement this decision, the engine is laying ground to withdraw Fuel price hike and toll payments

According to the trade union leader,Truckers are disappointed They do not find any other solution than stopping their activities. But there is a response to our demands from the government. "

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Drivers need better working conditions due to road accidents which are the second cause of death The weariness of drivers coming for hours For the export and import of trade in inappropriate places.

Another factor in the Cargo Transport Ground system Financing Act VAT arranged Products in the Family Palace will affect all Colombian citizens' pockets.

Monoi asked the national government on these occasions To cope with unemployment, Transporters say that the country's economy will have serious consequences.

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