Saturday , July 2 2022

The Wizards unit has been launched in a small trailer


A play, a portermar website, and pictures Deeper beasts In recent years, they have preserved the magical world of the life of Harry Potter. Warner Bros. will add an interactive video game to the AAA Harry Potter: Wizards Unit, Mobile devices game developed by Niantic, creators Go pokemonA new trailer has been released.

We still do not know about this new title, which is an experience similar to the popular game, according to its creators Pokemon. We act in the role of a revolutionary or a wizard because of the power of "silence". We will bear the responsibility of avoiding a "disaster" from "hidden from the eyes of magic." As seen in the short video, "magic events" in the real world seem to try to dismiss a phenomenon, a spell or a disappearance to hide. Use of systems Continue And Go pokemon It seems easy to get this idea.

Some magazines have been spotted by the three magic wands on the logo of Harry, Hermione, and Ron. So it is clear that they will be presented in one way or another.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unit It was announced in 2018, but was shifted next year to a vague date.

Harry develops a new game based on the Potter


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