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There is no palm tree in the equator's house before the Americas de cal


In the final of the 19th day of the 2018-II, Liga Aglaal scored the equalizer for Ecuador with an alternate roster. They failed in the now defunct Amissa de Kali team in the current edition of the Columbia Tournament.

The first 45 minutes led by Luis Fernando Suarez led by Oscar Burn and David Camacho played the main role of Asgudor. The team's most important advance was registered. In addition, the shot from Juan Mahache and Midfielder Weller Barona's shot ended up in the first half of the chances.

The second time he entered Guarigio County Ricket Barrona. The game was under locked. A mid-range shot in the league finished in 62 minutes. With the completion of the mission, the place was opened. But after 4 minutes Luis Pera, a replacement for Carlos Pelleta, showed the coaching staff's confidence. (1-1) The competition is effective and it is up to time.

But after 68 minutes the two happy minutes were happy. The US Agency for Business is Yuras Cabraera. Then, to remove their rows, click on & # 39; Scarlett & # 39; The team has finished a formal game throughout the leg.

Ecuadad will organize culinary games with its historically correct 36 points.

Technical data

Club Deportivo La Ecuador Segros: Kevin Pyridra, Oscar Burnall, Francisco Najara, Miguel Hertrra, Baronna Needer, Daniel Padilla, Juan Maha, Mariano Whaccas, David Kamacho, Louis Cabasas, Louis Pereira.

Substitutes: Esteban Ruiz, Jodar Ricket, Duane Kanji, Mateo Castano, Hansel Sapato, Michael Malinara, Arbe Mosverra.

Changes: Weder Baronna's Gear Ricket, Louis Cabasas Hansal Sapato, Juan Mahache's Pateo Castano

Yello: Oscar Burnell, Juan Mahache, Mariano Velacus

Dt Louis Fernando Suarez

América de Cali: Carlos Bursano, Dyer Henerr, Pedro Franco, Jonann Peres, Christian Heistrosso, Yus Cabraera, Juan Diego Nivawa, Gustav Caravagal, Daniel Burea Goa, John Quanoes, Fernando Aristeguite

Substitutes: Christian Djöm, Natola Volpi, Juan Messa, Yuan Daniel Cipuentes, Kevin Vivarores, Andrews Alvarez

Changes: Christian Djomony for Juan Diego Niva Juan Mésa, Daniel Butato Guanoolo Sipunes and Jhon Guanons

D. T Fernando Castro


Equity: Louis Pere 66 & # 39;

Americas: Fernando Aristegiatus 62 & # 39; Jesus Cabraera 69 & # 39;

Equity information

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