Thursday , July 29 2021

They offer a machine that reduces the cost of the coffee collection

Lack of which can be a key at shortage.

This National Federation of Coffee Manufacturers (FNC)Together National Center for Coffee Research (Senecafe), Officially introduced to a group of 300 coffee makers across the country, the sudden devastating DSC-18

This technological development is the result of years of study and tests in various coffee growing areas of the country, which was finally shown in coffee plantations.

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With this invention, inspired by the design of a machine made in Brazil, it expects to reduce the collection's high value. According to the initial calculations, it is estimated that the coffee manufacturer aggregates 50% more coffee.

"So above, we think the cost of coffee costs between 15% and 20%," General Manager of the National Federation of coffee makers, Roberto Vallez.

Suddenly, the DSC-18 will enter the market at a price of $ 16,000,000.

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