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This is the route of November 28 in Bogotá


This Wednesday November 28 Mobilization will be conducted most often in a year. Different cities of the country will be demanded by students, activists, teachers, farmers and transporters, who will demand National government For better conditions in their respective transactions.

For the case Bogota Expect the huge participation of different sectors, so that the main roads of the city will be affected by the exhibition.

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Both students and teachers and activists have announced their travels for this day. In this way, major universities will reach Sel Andreas Park, at 80 Calle, In the northwest of the city, while other areas remain in the Plaza de Bolivar in the heart of the city.

These are the roads

National University

The issue of the meeting will be 7 at the institution's headquarters. M This activity will begin on 8th. M Go with NQ Avenue and go along 26th Street, turn to Boaaka Avenue and then turn 80th Street on West San San Francisco Park (behind portal 80's).

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University of Pedagogy

Meeting point 7 would be M This activity will begin on 8th. M On the 72nd Street, it will turn to Caracas Avenue and then turn 80th Street on the west towards San Andreas Park (behind the portal 80's).

District University

There will be two ways:

  • The city's main hub will get 7. M., and they are 8 mm Will go on To reach the Plaza de Bolívar.
  • Technological headquarters in the south, to meet in Timiso Park, will take Wilavisinos Avenue, Boaco Avenue, Sur Highway and Kali Avenue to the city.

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University College of Kundanamarca

The meeting point will be at the university's headquarters beside the National Museum. 8a. M They will move from the seventh race north to the 72nd Street, where they will continue to travel to the Panagual University of San Andreas Park.


Teachers will find it at 9 o'clock. M In the Bogota Council From there they will go down 26th Street on the east, will be converted to the Optimus and to the Plaza de Bolívar.

Union Central

9 AA M Workers will be in the National Park, from where they will advance towards Plaza de Bolívar by a custom race.

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