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Victoria's secret growth was recorded in October for the sale of L-brands


According to a report by the Columbus-based L) Brands Inc, Ohio, the annual fashion show of Queen Victoria is being celebrated on Thursday. The negative results of the Launchi brand have been declining continuously in October.

Elisa Hosak collaborated with Victorius Secrets 2018's "Fantasy Bra" with Attarias Sarovskiy – Instagram: @victoriassecret

Total sales of the total brands in October were $ 860.5 million (€ 758 million), and $ 794.1 million (nearly 700 million euros) in the same year. Compared to 4% in the last four weeks.

However, the sale of the Victoria's seaside remained unchanged. The difference in sales of the L & B brand 'bath and bodywork brand' has been attributed to a 11% increase in sales.

In the third quarter ended November 3, 2018, it sold 2470 million dollars (2646 million euros). Apple's revenue was $ 2618 million (about 2308 million euros). It reflects the reflection of comparable sales.

Victoria's secret sales reached $ 1529 million (about 1348 million euros). In comparison, sales were down 2 per cent. However, sales increased by 13 per cent. 956.2 million.

So far this year, revenues of $ 7,805 million (about 6884 million euros) were $ 7,392 million. In the same period last year, it was $ 7809 million (about 6884 million euros), an increase of 3% over the nine months of last year. Again, a 1% drop in sales of Victoria's Secret is partially dragging the 3% growth of Comparison of Path & Bodyworks.

The new brand is expected to announce a loss of 0.17 dollars in the third quarter. This includes costs of $ 20 million in advance tax cuts from Henry Bendel's $ 80 million (about 70 million euros) before taxes on some of the company's assets. Victoria's Secret

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