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Video Nicky Jam is the new Netfix series & # 39; winner & # 39; Admits in


Nick Riviera Caminero Is 37, one of the most influential reguetoneros at the moment. She was born in Boston (USA) to Puerto Rican mother and Dominican father, and her family decided to go to Puerto Rico when she was ten years old. From this age he started raping and working to help his parents.

When working as a packer in a supermarket, he was discovered and he was only 11 years old to record the record. The fact is that because she was already bilingual, she could work as a preliminary task at some concerts, where she became known as a teenager.

Already in the 1990s, he met Daddy Yankee, with whom he & # 39; los Congress & # 39; Both were formed. In a night-long nightlife affair, Nicky Jam fell into drug and alcohol addiction, and his addictive time took a musical failure, in which his self-destructive habits brought him the world's famous author & # 39; Gasoline & # 39;

Together with his story, Regatton knows that breaking memories before international audiences is a risky threat. However, he has insisted that he pays his fans and can pass through difficult times like those who lived in the 90s. Nicky Jam hopes that the player is more than a series and is a witness to life.

The singer says with a definite tone, "It's always in my heart to tell me the story of my life." "There are many problems in my career, many times people do not know where he is, or what he is doing. [Tampoco saben] Where did I come from, how I grew up and why many things. I am very dark, a difficult past "

With this introduction, urban success singers such as L Amante y Troutsura speak openly about how their addiction problems started at home. "My mom, drug addict, my dad, drug addict, I've spent a lot of time on medicines, we thank God that we all have gone out of that distance, but I want people to know how everyone's process happened. . " It was not easy because I needed to talk to her to tell my dad and tell him that story, and that he is more graphic is better. "

As expected, and the singer's mother did not raise any objection, though she was her father, who did not see with good eyes that her personal life was exposed. Nicky Jam remembers that moment of dialogue, and says that he told his father that this is an essential step in his life. "[Le dije] I need to tell the story so that she can come out of me "and her father was convinced that she should be proud to leave the medicine, because" she will continue to shame ", she will not be removed.

"My success was not easy, but it was a very aggressive growth, so that inner war continues, but I think this story is a little more focused on showing bad things, which I suffer for reaching success. " .

Authorized Trailer

Salvation in Colombia and new beginnings

"This new Nicky Jam was perfect for Columbia," in 2010, the singer says that to start again and try out in the country, maybe he does not know that he has to stay in Madeleine. "I was pale, but this was the second chance I offered to God and I used all that I learned in this country and it was the best because I broadcast new energy," he says in these countries he knew that he Take a look at luxury and content aesthetics to be a city artist and focus on making music. "I just bought Mazda 6. In my country, Mazda 6 never goes to social networks, the culture here taught me something different."

Anything that a singer has made helps to rethink her legacy, and today she knows that her ancestors are called & # 39; hits & # 39; And want to move forward with musical awards. "I remember as a human being who tried to do the right thing, I love helping people and seeing their smiles, which gives me happiness, my grandfather (Aladeo Rivera) was my idol, he helped everyone in the neighborhood. I want to be like him, but my neighbor is the world, I want to achieve it, but I still have a lot of way forward. "

Later on, the singer says that he will not change anything in his destructive past, no matter how much he felt, "He has created everything that has happened to me," he says in a serious tone, until he laughs that he only " Tattoo, owl that is in my neck, because it was a mad thing! "However, she admits that" when nostalgia does not stop "she keeps her life alive during those days. There are also memories of struggle and joy, especially entiokiyana capital.

From the microphone to the camera

In this series, Nicky Jam is measured in the field of acting. Phases and showbusiness are not unfamiliar to him, for which he said that he looked good during the recordings, where he saw his version as a child, young and adult. "I feel that I have always been charisma, I have been singing for eight years and when I was making videos, I always had to act. [La serie] It was like doing 13 movies, it was difficult and if he said that I do not know how to work, that is because he is jealous (laughs). I often cried in the recording, "he says.

The cast of this series is completed by other familiar faces such as Diego Cadwell and Ana Lucia Domingues.

The mind behind the story

Helmman, a series produced by Netfix in Madeleine, is a Dominican director of music video Jesse Terreiro. The singer says, "A director would be able to better understand the Latin world than Jesse Terrero," he says the author of the script was Puerto Rican (Erie Manuel Cruz). ), A major step towards adopting singer's sexes.

Naki says that because of being a good team to make a series, he is sure his story is in good hands and he will not look like an addiction to his life. "Many times they have tried to make a history of the ragaton artists, but they can not understand the essence, so it looks like a parody about what is reggaon, and the parody of what the artist's life looks like. After disappointed, I said that if The only way I can get involved, I think people will really enjoy the series, because I'm confident that they can not see anything in their life. Apart from Chief Minister. "

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