Friday , January 27 2023

With Anand dance, Sebastian Travel invites its followers


With the success of the song & # 39; Runaway & # 39; Sebastian Travel Record Forward Natti Natasha, Daddy Yankee and Jonas Brothers, The artist decided to invite his followers to take part & # 39; Runaway Challenge & # 39;, Which includes uploading Video to dance theme with family and friends.

Sebastian was invited to a video posted on his Instagram account, In which he dances to the company of pilots and his employees in the company of assisted personnel to drive their private plane.

"Runaway Challenge. Dance your video RUNAWAY with the most original and fun of your family and friends. We're going to refurbish the best"It was a travel message on her profile.

& # 39; Runaway & # 39; It is a song that is worthy of the country as a whole "Powerful, full of energy and color". His video was published worldwide MTV's first look at your Times Square billboard. With its charming rhythm and compelling lyrics, its authors have chosen it as one of the themes The current global pop landscape will redefine.

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"When there was an opportunity to work with Travel, Nati and Daddy Yankee, there was nothing to think about. We love Latin music and we are very excited that fans will listen to our first Spanish-language song!" Jonas Brothers in an interview with the international media.

For his part, Daddy Yankee added, "I was in the studio in Puerto Rico and As I heard Runaway, I recorded without thinking. I am hiding through the association of every artist, musical and different styles of their culture. It's a theme that reaches at a different age, it's rhetorical, sexy and enjoyable in the summer"

The video is already stored More than 51 million views and more than 63 thousand comments On YouTube

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