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40 years later, African Mona Lisa found himself in north London


Nigerian is the most famous artist of modern art, Ben Envonova (1917-1994). In 1974, he painted Turti's portrait, known as the African Mona Lisa.

Leonardo da Vinci's marvelous paintings were soon to be disappeared and discovery of years later.

The stories of the famous Los Pomerahs

In 1911, he stole Mona Lisa from Lewra, in Paris. France was shocked. But former museum worker Vincento Pegugia is a painting in Italy, and he was aware that he was Italian, like Leonardo da Vinci. He fled to his home and hid the paint in his home. When the Italian trader Mona Lisa was called to the police, he suffered serious injuries. At the beginning of 1914, the film returned to Louvre.

The Da Vinci's museum was an unnamed girl. Ben Enonvou, presented their granddaughter Adutha Adameyuviya, the granddaughter of the Jorb family. Ben Adad's beauty and long neck took hold of her and persuaded her to draw her. The country was a symbol of the alliance after the end of the civil war between Nigeria and Turkmen. Between 1967 and 1970, it was a battleground between Nigeria and the Biafri Republic Republic.

In 1975, in Nigeria, the largest city in Lagos, Togo was presented to the public. The earth seemed to disappear later. No one knows where he is. Until February this year, London ordered – thousands of kilometers from her home.

Return to Nigeria

Image owners who want to be anonymous addressed the modern contemporary African artist Giles Peppipota from London's Bohnhams auction to review their artistic collection. He also watched the portrait lost by Enon among the paintings.

"I was not expecting such a gem, but the toute arrived in London, but it's a secret," said Giles Peppe.

This film is the father of a family that is no longer alive. They knew that his father was engaged in business with Nigeria. During the middle ages of the last century and the late 70's, the journey to the country was the most.

Finally the family decided to sell it. The auction was sold for $ 1.57 million (CZK $ 35 million). A portrait of a teat in auctioned Nigerian modern art became the most expensive part.

The latest owner of the taste is seen in the Art x Lagos Art fair in Lagos again in November.

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