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An epidemiologist says that vaccination is the most effective weapon for influenza


If the vaccine is not vaccinated, it is the best time. November is the best month to protect against viral disease. It often spreads as a big implicit epidemic. It is just an important weapon to protect against vaccination.

"It's a very effective and reliable defense, and there's no way to prevent a big swine, but it's just a vaccination," says Milano Borek, a constitutional diagnostic at the hospital in the Party of the Party.

Vaccination is given by influenza. Do you recommend this?

Obviously yes. Influenza is a very serious epidemic. This causes many deaths in the Czech republic. It should be built and evaluated. High temperature, muscle and joint pain, respiratory inflammation are the main symptoms. This is why preventing this disease. Vaccination is the best and safest option in the defense program. The modern vaccine is very reliable and less adverse side effects.

Can you point out your recommendation to a group of people with more risk?

There are people who have serious injuries. This is something that people aged 65 and older. This is what health insurance companies offer influenza vaccination against high age groups. People with serious illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, severe lung and heart disease are at risk. For older patients, swine is particularly dangerous. I also highlight my recommendation for health care professionals from the first of influenza influenza epidemics. Hence the hospital workers in the Pudubishi area will be given free of charge through fever injections.

Vaccination rate in Czech Republic was not expected. Even in the notion that vaccination would not protect a hundred percent. What do you say

In our country the rate of immunization is below the level of advanced European nations. This is, of course, a sympathize. The vaccine is not effective in protecting 100% of the drugs, but it is very effective. Epidemiological study ranges from 80 to 98 percent. There is no 100% in nature, everything is very different. I often see vaccination more dangerous than swine. This is a completely unsupported and misleading information. In addition, this vaccination is harmful to uncontrolled expectations, which certainly will prevent all lungs, of course it is not possible. Unfortunately, the vaccine is now less than 7 percent of the population. This is too small to limit the growth of seasonal epidemics.

However, the types of flu crawl changes over the years. Do the vaccine manufacturers react?

The WHO collects data from the National Reference Labs around the world. They provide information in the genetic evolution of influenza. As a result, the uniform recommended by the European Vaccine Control Center for vaccine structure for vaccine manufacturers. Each year a new "new" vaccine develops, which responds to the previous influenza season. But it is a threat to the virus. In winter, influenza b influenced influenza virus. In the past, Europe has been set up in the past. That was quite unexpected. However, vaccination is the most reliable defect in the flu. In most high-end occupational pursuits, especially those who are sick or experienced by professionals.

Of course, vaccination itself is not enough. How Do You Have More Recommendations To Prevent Fever?

Man's resistance is inevitable. Healthy life and healthy eating habits are supported by our immune system. It hides essential vitamins by eating fruits and vegetables and maintaining healthy air. On the contrary, reducing our immune system, such as high-pressure, energy-saving, smoking or alcoholism, should be avoided. And, there are steps that affect the behavior of the spine during the epidemic. If possible, it is not advisable to join large sections. Especially the disease occurs. For example, pharmacies, doctor waiting rooms, public transportation. If the situation moves us to move to these areas, we need to focus on the principles of basic sanitation, particularly the hand of cleanliness.

An epidemiologist says that vaccination is the most effective weapon for influenza

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