Monday , July 26 2021

At the beginning of gold – $ 200 billion fall in gold prices

The Czech Republic is full of gold. Underground, 200 billion crowns have an estimated 200 tonnes of gold. According to the Diamond, Gold came in the list of potential minerals for the first time. But I do not know how to control it.

Gold comes from the rock with cyanide lops, which are locked in the club. But that's a good idea. Geologist Jaan said, "Here the focus should be on concentrating the sensitivity on the land and concentrating this concentration and then by the golden arrangement."

Esco became one of the top gold producers in Europe in the 13th century. The area around Jill near Prague was particularly rich. For the sake of celt, he knew it was very rich in metal. The violation of the title of the hull was made in 1968.

According to the study, there are nine dozen proofs and unexpected places where gold bundles are estimated. Prosya or the Cape-Mount Mountain-based Moxo and Wakov are the most important. In these cities, more than 200 tons of gold can be added to the underground.

"After thrown down and raised, the oars moved towards floatation and then went towards the monster, the float was caught with beautiful gold, while the velvet table was caught on the golden velvet," Va says. Gold has to go with a bag.

The company said in official flaws "In the summer of the year, the diameter evaluated fluoride, bayat and lithium in the year, and tungsten, graphite and lithium will be evaluated for the year."

Against the background, not only the residents, but the mayor also spoke against them. They did not want to make the city deeper. You have a company of insights on lithium. However, the first company was taken.

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