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ATM withdrawals on vacation. Select the option without conversion on the crown, Ministry advises – Novinky.cz


DACC can be used by both the foreigners in the Czech Republic and Czech citizens in general.

The so-called dynamic conversion is an immediate transfer of the charge amount, the currency bank account is maintained. DCC pays direct transactions in the currency, not in the currency, in the country.


"Service appears to be at first glance, as customers immediately know how much they will pay, due to the subsequent conversion made by the client's bank, it is less favorable in most cases of the exchange."

Currency conversion rate is determined by the company, which operates a payment terminal or ATM. In case of payment or withdrawal of ATMs abroad, it is much better for consumers to see that the transaction in local currency is settled and it is better to reject the terminals used by DCC.

"If a DCC offer is displayed on the payment terminals or ATMs, it is generally better to continue denying and continuing, that is to pay in local currency," the spokesperson added.

The ministry added an image image for the warning showing the ATM screen. However, it is in check, which is very unusual for foreign institutions.

Advice to the Ministry, for consumers, it is more beneficial to continue without a shift.

Advice to the Ministry, for consumers, it is more beneficial to continue without a shift.

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"In which language the DCC service will always be provided depends on the ATM operator. In the case of the case of payment in most cases, in the cases of correct term ATM on payment terminal, you must select & # 39; Pay in HRK & # 39; in the English version: & # 39; Continue without a conversion, "said Nicola Rusinova of the Ministry of Finance.

More info next year

Without DCC, the current rate of the bank will be converted into one to three days. You will only search for your bank statement or course on internet banking. But this "unsafe" option is generally more advantageous, as some economic analysts have pointed out.

According to a test conducted by the 2016 German consumer organization Steering Warnet, the difference in ATM withdrawal is 12 percent.

The European Union (EU), which adopted the new European regulation in March, responded to the problem. By April 2020, ATMs will show clients not only conversion rates, but central bank midter and some other data from the deviation. This is to increase customer awareness and increase the transparency of the transaction.

Until the rule comes into force, the Ministry requests more precautions from ATMs. However, the use of cards abroad does not need to be frightened by the resort.

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